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Business in Kinshasa (DR Congo)

Foreign Trade and Business in Kinshasa, 85% of the Congolese GDP (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Kinshasa (the «Salt market» in Kikongo) is the political, economic, cultural and administrative capital of the DR Congo (Central Africa)

  1. Kinshasa is the largest city of the DR Congo: 17 million Kinshasans
    1. 13% of the population of the DR Congo
    2. Kinshasa is the third largest African City (after Cairo and Lagos)
    3. Population in 1950: 200,000 Kinshasans
    4. Population in 970: 1 million Kinshasans
    5. Kinshasa-Brazzaville Agglomeration
  2. Kinshasa is on the southern bank of the Congo River (Malebo Pool) in front of Brazzaville (Republic of the Congo)
  3. Main economic activities in Kinshasa: food processing, construction and services
  4. Kinshasa: 85% of the Congolese GDP
  5. Kinshasa is an important logistics centre in Central Africa
    1. Port of Kinshasa:
      1. Navigation on the Congo River (Kinshasa and Kisangani)
      2. Access to the Port of Matadi
    2. Matadi-Kinshasa railway links Kinshasa with Matadi, the Atlantic port of the Congo
    3. Congo-Ocean Railway
    4. Transport and Logistics in the DR Congo
  6. Large manufacturing companies such as Marsavco, All Pack Industries and Angel Cosmetics are in the city centre (Gombe) in Kinshasa.
  7. Ndjili International Airport and N'Dolo Airport (domestic)

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Foreign Trade and Business in the DR Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo - Kinshasa

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Foreign Trade and Business in the DR Congo

  1. Administrative Status: city and province
  2. Area of Kinshasa: 9,965 km²
  3. Gombe (93,000 inhabitants) is a commune in the north of the Kinshasa province
    1. Gombe is the business district of Kinshasa
    2. Headquarters of large institutions and embassies
  4. Main spoken languages in Kinshasa: French, Lingala (Kinshásá, lingua franca), Kikongo and Tshiluba
  5. Main religion of Kinshasa: Christianity
  6. 1881 - 1966: Leopoldville (Henry Morton Stanley)
  7. First inhabitants: Bantu (Teke and Humbu)
  8. Kimbanguiste Symphonic Orchestra

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Distances from Kinshasa to:

Transport in the DR Congo

  1. Lubumbashi: 2,288 kilometres (36 hours)
  2. Mbuji-Mayi: 1,295 kilometres (21 hours)
  3. Kananga: 1,134 kilometres (19 hours)
  4. Kisangani: 2,513 kilometres (40 hours)
  5. Bukavu: 2,277 kilometres (38 hours)
  6. Goma: 2,697 (46 hours)

Lubumbashi-Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo

The historian Elikia M'Bokolo was born in Kinshasa.

Elikia M'Bokolo

History of the DR Congo

Higher Education in Kinshasa

  1. University of Kinshasa (UNIKIN)
  2. American University of Kinshasa
  3. Central University of Kinshasa
  4. Catholic University of the Congo
  5. University Cardinal Malula
  6. Free University of Kinshasa (ULK)
  7. Protestant University of the Congo (UPC)
  8. University of Technology of the Congo
  9. National Pedagogical University (UPN)
  10. University Simon Kimbangu
  11. University Kinshasa Binza
  12. Pan-African University of the Congo
  13. University William Booth (UWB)
  14. Bel Campus Technology University
  15. Kinshasa Oil and Gas University (IPG)

Amini Kajunju (Congolese Businesswoman)

Universities in the DR Congo

The Francophone University Agency (AUF) has a Francophone digital campus in Kinshasa.

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