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Business in Bukavu, South Kivu (DR Congo)

Foreign Trade and Business in Bukavu, South Kivu (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Bukavu is the capital of the South Kivu province, West of the DR Congo (Central Africa)

  1. Population of Bukavu: 807,000 inhabitants
    1. The growth rate of the population of Bukavu increased incredibly in 2002 due to the massive influx of people from Goma after the Nyiragongo eruption.
  2. Bukavu is an important Logistics hub.
  3. Bukavu is on south-western coast of the Lake Kivu, West of Cyangugu (border) in Rwanda.
  4. Communes of Bukavu: Bagira, Ibanda and Kadutu
  5. Elevation of Bukavu: 1.498 metres
  6. Climate of Bukavu: tropical mountain
  7. Kahuzi-Biéga National Park
  8. Main religion in Bukavu: Christianity
    1. Archdiocese of Bukavu

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Transport and Logistics in Bukavu (DR Congo)

Transport in the DR Congo

Bukavu is an important regional transport hub.

  1. National Route n° 2, Kisangani-Bukavu-Goma
  2. Kalundu - Bukavu Route
  3. National Route (Rwanda) 3b: Butare (Lake Kivu, border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo-Rwanda, route to Bukavu)
  4. Access to the Port of Mombasa (Kenya) and to the Port of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
  5. Access to the ports of the Lake Tanganyika of Bujumbura (Burundi) and Kalundu-Uvira
  6. Kigoma - Dar es Salaam Railway
  7. Bukavu Airport

Port of Mombasa, Kenya. Gateway to Burundi, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, and Tanzania

African Transport Corridors:

  1. Lagos-Mombasa Corridor
  2. Central Corridor

Distances from Bukavu to:

  1. Kinshasa: 2,277 kilometres (38 hours)
  2. Lubumbashi: 1,349 kilometres (21 hours)
  3. Mbuji-Mayi: 983 kilometres (16.5 hours)
  4. Kisangani: 644 kilometres (10 hours)
  5. Kananga: 1,168 kilometres (20 hours)
  6. Goma: 221 kilometres (5 hours)

History of Bukabu, the DR Congo

  1. The Bukavu region was the territory of the Kingdom of Bashi (Bushi)
  2. 1901: occupation of Bukavu by the Belgians
  3. 1927: Costermansville
  4. 1952: Bukavu

South Kivu province of the DR Congo:

  1. Capital of the South Kivu province: Bukavu
  2. Population of the South Kivu province: 5.8 million inhabitants
  3. Area: 65.070 km²
  4. Largest cities of the South Kivu province: Bukavu, Baraka and Uvira
  5. The city of Minova, experienced an exponential growth from 1994 to 2012 with a constant influx of refugees after the Rwandan genocide and the Congo wars
  6. Main languages: French and Kiswahili
  7. Neighbouring provinces of South Kivu: North Kivu, Maniema and Tanganyika
  8. Borders of the South Kivu province: Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania
  9. Main economic activities of the South Kivu province: agriculture, trade and livestock
  10. Four energy plants
  11. Oil and methane gas fields on Lake Kivu

The 8 territories of the South Kivu province are:

  1. Fizi (15.788 km²)
  2. Idjwi (281 km², Island of the Lake Kivu)
  3. Kabare (1.960 km²),
  4. Kalehe (5.126 km²)
  5. Mwenga (11.172 km²)
  6. Shabunda (25.116 km²)
  7. Uvira (3.148 km²)
  8. Walungu (1.800 km²)

Higher Education in Bukavu (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

The Francophone University Agency (AUF) has a Francophone digital campus in Bukavu.

  1. Official University of Bukavu
  2. Catholic University of Bukavu

Universities in the DR Congo

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