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Cairo (the city of a thousand minarets, or the victorious one) is the political, economic, administrative, cultural and educational capital of Egypt (north-east Africa)

  1. القاهرة in Arabic
  2. Population of Cairo: 20 million Cairene
    1. Cairo is the largest city of Egypt
  3. Cairo is part of the Greater Cairo agglomeration.
    1. The Greater Cairo is the largest African metropolitan area, behind Lagos
    2. The Greater Cairo is made up of the Cairo Governorate, some parts of the Giza Governorate and some parts of the Qalyubia Governorate (Shubra El Kheima)
  4. Other cities are 6th of October City and New Cairo
  5. Main outstanding companies and institutions are headquartered in Cairo
  6. Hyper urbanisation in Cairo
  7. Cairo has a major automotive industry: Arab-American vehicle company, Egyptian light transport manufacturing company, Ghabbour Group, Seoudi Group or General Motors Egypt
  8. Cairo has an important music and film industry
  9. Al-Azhar University is the second oldest higher education institution in the world and the largest in the Islamic civilisation.
  10. The headquarters of the Arab League are in Cairo
  11. Cairo International Airport
  12. Distances from Cairo to (Transport and Logistics in Egypt):
    1. Alexandria: 220 kilometres
    2. Suez Canal: 150 kilometres (Suez-Cairo Road)
  13. Cairo Subway
  14. Cairo is the capital of the Cairo Governorate

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Onsi Sawiris (Cairo)

Onsi Sawiris Egyptian Businessman (Master Course)


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Study in Egypt, Cairo (Master, Doctorate)

  1. Cairo is an important tourist centre
    1. The Islamic district is a World Heritage Site
    2. Pyramidal complex of Giza and Memphis
    3. Tahrir Square
    4. Museum of the Egyptian Antiquities
  2. Area of Cairo: 3,085 square kilometres
  3. Cairo is near the Nile Delta
  4. Climate of Cairo: warm desert
  5. 969: foundation of Cairo by the Fatimid dynasty

Study in Egypt, Cairo (Master, Doctorate)

Maritime Transportation Course: Ports of Egypt

Ahmed Mekky

Ahmed Mekky Egyptian Businessman (Master Course)

Higher Education in Cairo - Egypt

  1. Al-Azhar University
  2. University of Cairo
  3. American University in Cairo
  4. Ain Shams University
  5. Arab Academy for Science and Technology and maritime transport
  6. Helwan University
  7. International University of Misr
  8. Misr University for Science and Technology
  9. University of Sciences and Modern Arts
  10. French University of Egypt
  11. German University in Cairo
  12. Arab Open University
  13. British University in Egypt
  14. Canadian University Ahram
  15. Nile University

Tarek Talaat Moustafa

Tarek Talaat Moustafa, Egyptian Businessman (Master Course)

Hassan Abdalla

Hassan Abdalla (Egyptian entrepreneur)

Port Said

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