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Business in Goma, North Kivu (DR Congo)

Foreign Trade in Goma (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Business in North Kivu

Goma is the capital of the North Kivu province, East of the DR Congo (Central Africa)

  1. Population of Goma: 1.1 million inhabitants
  2. Goma is located to the north of the Lake Kivu, in the Rift Valley (Rift Albertin)
  3. Goma is next (1 km) from Gisenyi (Rwanda)
  4. Main languages in Goma: French and Swahili
  5. Main religion in Goma: Christianity
  6. 1994: Turquoise Operation (Rwandan genocide)
  7. 2012: M23 rebels captured Goma
  8. Communes of Goma:
    1. Goma: Himbi 1 and 2, Kyeshero, lake-Vert, Volcans, Mapendo and Mikeno
    2. Karisimbi: Bujovu, Kasika, Katindo, Katoyi, Kahembe, Majengo, Mabanga-North, Mabanga-South, Murara, Ndosho and Mugunga
  9. Elevation of Goma: 1,500

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Transport in the DR Congo

Transport and Logistics in Goma (DR Congo)

  1. Goma is on the Rwandan border, neighbouring city of Gisenyi is linked to Kigali (Rwandan National Route 4), the Rwandan capital, by road
  2. Goma is connected to Bukavu by ferry
  3. National route n ° 2: Goma, Bukavu, Kisangani (linking the main river networks of the Congo)
  4. Goma links with Butembo, Beni, Bunia and Kisangani for both domestic and road flights, regular buses leave Goma to these cities
  5. Goma International Airport

African Transport Corridors:

  1. Lagos-Mombasa Corridor
  2. Central Corridor

Distances from Goma to:

  1. Kinshasa: 2.697 (46 hours)
  2. Lubumbashi: 1.539 (25 hours)
  3. Mbuji-Mayi: 1.543 kilometres (25 hours)
  4. Kisangani: 673 kilometres (13 hours)
  5. Kananga: 1.585 kilometres (27 hours)
  6. Bukavu: 221 kilometres (5 hours)

North Kivu province (East of the DR Congo)

  1. Capital of the North Kivu province: Goma
  2. Population of the North Kivu province: 6.7 million inhabitants
  3. Area of the North Kivu province: 59,483 km²
  4. Largest cities of the North Kivu province: Goma, Butembo and Beni
  5. Territories: Beni, Lubero, Masisi, Rutshuru, Nyiragongo and Walikale
  6. Neighbouring provinces: South Kivu, Maniema, Ituri and Tshopo
  7. Volcanoes: Nyiragongo (2,000 metres, 2002: Nyiragongo eruption), Virunga
  8. Border of the North Kivu province with Uganda and Rwanda.
  9. Virunga National Park, home of mountain gorillas in danger of extinction (north of Goma)
  10. Numerous combats during the Second Congo War (1998-2003) and Kivu conflict (2004-present).

History of the DR Congo

Higher Education in Goma)

  1. University of Kivu
  2. University of Goma
  3. Official University of Ruwenzori
  4. Adventist University of Lukanga
  5. Catholic University of the Grabben
  6. Adventist University of Goma
  7. Divine Gloria University of Butembo
  8. Free University of the Great Lakes countries
  9. University Biosadec

Universities in the DR Congo

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