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Business in Lubumbashi, Upper Katanga (DR Congo)

Foreign Trade and Business in Lubumbashi (the mining capital of the DR Congo)

Doing Business in Lubumbashi, Upper Katanga (Democratic Republic of the Congo). Masters and Doctorates in Global Trade

  1. Lubumbashi is the second city (2.8 million inhabitants) of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Central Africa)
    1. 1970: 310,000
    2. 2001: 1.1 millions
  2. Lubumbashi is the capital of the Upper Katanga province
    1. 3.9 million inhabitants
    2. Border of Lubumbashi with Zambia (boot of Katanga)
  3. Main economic activity in Lubumbashi: mining
  4. Lubumbashi is considered as the mining Congolese capital (copper)
    1. The main mining companies are based in Lubumbashi
  5. Large manufacturing companies such as Marsavco, All Pack Industries and Angel Cosmetics are in the centre of the city (Gombe) in Lubumbashi.
  6. Lubumbashi is an important Congolese industrial and commercial centre
    1. Main products: textiles, food products, beverages, bricks and copper fusion
    2. Simba brewery (Tembo beer) is headquartered in Lubumbashi
  7. National Society of the Congolese Railways
  8. Lubumbashi is at the centre of the railway lines towards Ilebo, Kindu, Sakania and Kolwezi
  9. Lubumbashi International Airport
  10. Food is imported from South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania
  11. Lubumbashi is near to the Zambian border

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Foreign Trade and Business in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Congo - Lubumbashi

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Congolese Students from Lubumbashi: Masters Business

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  1. Elevation of Lubumbashi:: 1,230 metres
  2. Climate of Lubumbashi: tropical
  3. Main languages in Lubumbashi: French and Kiswahili (lingua franca)
  4. Main religion in Lubumbashi: Christianity
    1. Archdiocese of Lubumbashi
  5. 1910: foundation of Elisabethville (Lubumbashi) by the Belgian (History of the Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  6. 1960 - 1963: capital of the State of Katanga (secession of the State of Katanga of Moïse Tshombe)
  7. 1966: Elisabethville was renamed to Lubumbashi

Transport and Logistics in Lubumbashi (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Transport in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


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  1. Road Transport: Lubumbashi and the rest of the Katanga province are linked with Zambia
  2. Access to the Port of Beira (Mozambique, 1,600 kilometres, via Zambia)

Lobito-Beira Corridor (Trans-African Highway 9)

Distances from Lubumbashi to:

  1. Kinshasa: 2,288 kilometres (36 hours)
  2. Mbuji-Mayi: 1,109 kilometres (15 hours)
  3. Kananga: 1,204 kilometres (18 hours)
  4. Kisangani: 2,030 kilometres (32 hours)
  5. Bukavu: 1,349 kilometres (21 hours)
  6. Goma: 1,539 (25 hours)

Communes of Lubumbashi:

  1. Kamalondo
  2. Kampemba
  3. Katuba
  4. Kenya
  5. Lubumbashi
  6. Rwashi

Albert Bialufu Ngandu: EENI Professor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Albert Bialufu Ngandu, DR Congo (Professor, EENI Business School)

Higher Education in Lubumbashi (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Foreign Trade and Business

  1. University of Lubumbashi
  2. Work University of Lubumbashi
  3. Cepromad University
  4. University of Kalemie
  5. Protestant University of Lubumbashi
  6. Methodist University of Katanga
  7. Baptist University of the Congo of Lubumbashi
  8. University of Likasi
  9. University of Kolwezi
  10. University Institute of the Congo

Universities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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