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Business in Brazzaville (Congo)

Foreign Trade in Brazzaville (capital of the Congo), Makélékélé

Brazzaville «Brazza, the green» is the political and administrative capital of the Republic of the Congo (Central Africa)

  1. Brazzaville is also the Congolese financial and administrative capital
  2. Brazzaville (commune) is the largest Congolese city: 2 million «Brazzavillois» (33% of the population of the Republic of the Congo)
    1. 2007: 1.37 million
  3. Kinshasa (10 million inhabitants, capital of the DR Congo) is on the southern shore of the Congo, directly in front of Brazzaville
  4. Kinshasa-Brazzaville (agglomeration): 12 million inhabitants
  5. The main economic activities of Brazzaville are industry (textiles, tanning), trade and port activities
  6. River Port of Brazzaville: rubber, wood and agricultural products (sent to Pointe-Noire to export)
  7. Many companies (Equatorial Congo Airlines, mobile operator Warid Congo), government organisations and NGOs have regional headquarters in Brazzaville
  8. The World Health Organisation has its regional office for Africa located in Brazzaville

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Business in the Republic of the Congo, Brazzaville, Pointe-Noire, Congolese Petroleum (Foreign Trade) Congo - Brazzaville

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Business in the Republic of the Congo, Brazzaville, Pointe-Noire, Congolese Petroleum (Foreign Trade)

  1. Area of Brazzaville: 100 km²
  2. The most spoken languages in Brazzaville are French (69% of «Brazzavillois»), Kituba (national language), Lingala (national language) and Teke
  3. Main religion of Brazzaville: Christianity
    1. Archdiocese and Cathedral of Brazzaville
  4. Location of Brazzaville: right bank of the Congo river, Stanley Pool (inner sea, 30 kilometres)
  5. Climate of Brazzaville: tropical
  6. Elevation of Brazzaville: 317 metres
  7. Important events in Brazzaville:
    1. First African Games
    2. First Conference of African Scientists

Districts of Brazzaville:

  1. Makélékélé: the most important and populated of Brazzaville
  2. Bawithgo
  3. Poto-poto
  4. Moungali
  5. Ouenzé
  6. Talangaï
  7. M’filou
  8. Madibou
  9. Djiri

Sites of Brazzaville:

  1. Rapids of Kintamo
  2. Loufoulakari Falls
  3. Sainte-Anne Basilica
  4. Sacré-Cœur Cathedral
  5. Schoelcher Monument

History of Brazzaville

  1. Foundation of Brazzaville: 1880 (Pierre Savorgnan De Brazza)
  2. 1904: capital of the French Equatorial Africa
  3. 1940 - 42: capital of free France
  4. 1960 (Independence): capital of the Republic of the Congo

Transport and Logistics in Brazzaville

Brazzaville is 506 kilometres from the Atlantic Ocean and 474 kilometres south of the Equator.

National Congolese Road network:

Brazzaville - Kinkala - Dolisie - Pointe-Noire (Congo)

  1. N1 Brazzaville - Kinkala - Dolisie - Pointe-Noire
  2. N2 Brazzaville - Owando - Ouésso

Distance from Brazzaville to Dolisie: 359 kilometres (5 hours)

Roads from Brazzaville to Gabon (Moanda, 100 kilometres), Bangui (Central African Republic) and Cameroon

Access to the Tripoli - Congo-Windhoek Corridor.

Congo-Ocean Railway: links Brazzaville with the port of Pointe-Noire (502 kilometres)

Port of Pointe-Noire

The Port «The Beach»: access to Kinshasa (DR Congo) by the Congo river

ATC port of Brazzaville (passengers and merchandises):

  1. Cities: Mossaka, Impfondo and Ouesso
  2. Access to Bangui (Central African Republic)
  3. Rivers: Congo, Oubangui and Sangha

Maya-Maya International Airport

Higher Education in Brazzaville (Republic of the Congo)

  1. University Marien Ngouabi
  2. Free University of the Congo
  3. High School of Technology

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