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History of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Elikia M'Bokolo. History of the Congo. Luba, Kuba, Lunda and Kongo Kingdoms

The historian Elikia M'Bokolo was born in Kinshasa, DR Congo (Central Africa)

Elikia M'Bokolo (Congolese Historian)

  1. 200,000 years: archaeological sites of Mulundwa (Katanga)
  2. Primitive population: the Pygmies
  3. 2nd millennium BC: Bantu migrations
  4. Middle Ages (end): Luba, Kuba, Lunda and Kongo Kingdoms
  5. Contacts with the Europeans
  6. From fifteenth to nineteenth century: Slave Trade; slavery
  7. 1885: Colonisation (Leopold II of Belgium)
    1. The colony as a personal and private possession of the Belgian King
  8. 1908 - 1960: Belgian Congo
  9. 1960: Independence (Belgium)
    1. President: Joseph Kasa-Vubu
    2. Prime Minister: Patrice Lumumba
    3. DR Congo
  10. 1960: independence of the State of Katanga (Lubumbashi)
  11. 1961: Lumumba is killed (deported to Katanga by Mobutu)
    1. Recovery of Katanga
  12. 1964 - 1971: the dictator Mobutu Sese Seko.
    1. Wars (500,000 dead)
    2. Mines Nationalisation (1966)
  13. 1971: Republic of Zaire (zairianisation of the economy)
  14. 1977 - 1978: Shaba wars
  15. 1996 - 1997: First Congo War
  16. 1977: The second Democratic Republic of the Congo
  17. 1997 - 2001: Presidency of Laurent-Désiré Kabila
  18. 1998 - 2002: Second Congo War
  19. 2001 - 2003: Acting Government of Joseph Kabila
  20. 2003 - 2006: Transitional Government
  21. 2006: Presidency of Joseph Kabila

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