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Business in Dolisie, Congo

Foreign Trade in Dolisie (Niari, Business, Republic of the Congo)

Dolisie (the capital of green gold) is the third largest city (100,000 inhabitants) of the Republic of the Congo (Central Africa)

  1. Dolisie is an important Railway and logistics centre
  2. Dolise has a strategic position:
    1. Access to the inland of the Republic of the Congo (in particular for the agro-industries of Nkayi)
    2. Access to the Port of Pointe-Noire
    3. Access to the countries of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC)
      1. Cameroon
      2. Chad
      3. Gabon (West, 300 kilometres)
      4. Equatorial Guinea
      5. Central African Republic
    4. Access to Angola (Cabinda, to the East, 50 kilometres)
    5. Access to the DR Congo (North-East, 140 kilometres)
  3. Construction materials manufacturing in Dolise

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Port of Pointe-Noire

  1. The main languages of Dolise are Kituba and French
  2. Dolisie is the capital of the Niari region in the South of the Republic of the Congo
  3. Climate of Dolise: tropical
  4. 1934: creation of Dolisie (formerly Loubomo)

Religions in Dolisie:

  1. Christianity
  2. African Traditional Religions

Niari department (South-West of the Republic of the Congo)

Dolisie is the capital of the Niari department (South-West of the Republic of the Congo)

  1. The jungle covers a large part of the Niari department
  2. Main economic activities of the Niari department: storage and wood processing (okoumé, kambala, acajou, niové)
  3. Main languages of the Niari department are Kituba and French
  4. Population of the Niari department: 241,000 inhabitants
  5. Area of the Niari department: 25.940 km²

Contiguous departments: Kouilou, Bouenza and Lékoumou

Borders of the Niari department:

  1. Republic of Gabon: Ngounié, Ogooué-Lolo, Upper Ogooué (Moanda) and Nyanga
  2. DR Congo: Central Congo
  3. Angola: Cabinda

Districts of the Niari department:

  1. Banda
  2. Divénié
  3. Kibangou
  4. Kimongo
  5. Londéla-Kayes
  6. Louvakou
  7. Mbinda
  8. Moungoundou North
  9. Moungoundou South
  10. Moutamba
  11. Mayoko
  12. Nianga
  13. Yaya

Transport and Logistics in Dolisie (Republic of the Congo)

National Congolese road network:

  1. N1 Brazzaville - Kinkala - Dolisie - Pointe-Noire
  2. N3 Dolisie - border with Gabon

Brazzaville - Kinkala - Dolisie - Pointe-Noire (Congo)

Distances from Dolisie to:

  1. Brazzaville: 359 kilometres (5 hours)
  2. Pointe-Noire: 157 kilometres (3 hours)
  3. Gabon: 200 kilometres

Access to the Tripoli - Congo-Windhoek Corridor.

Congo-Ocean Railway (CFCO): links Brazzaville with the port of Pointe-Noire

  1. Access to the Central African Republic (Bangui) by the Ubangi River

Mbinda Railway goes to the North until the border with Gabon in Mbinda.

Dolisie Airport

Higher Education in Dolisie

  1. Neither University in Dolisie

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