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Foreign Trade in Chad, N'Djamena, Sarh

Chad: Moundou, Sarh, Abéché, Kélo. Kingdom of Bornou (Business)

Chad («the dead heart of Africa») is a Central African country

  1. Arabic name: جمهورية تشاد
  2. N'Djamena is the political and administrative capital of Chad
  3. Moundou (West Logone, cotton) is the Chadian economic capital
  4. Sarh is the third Chadian city
  5. Abéché is the fourth Chadian city
  6. Kélo is the fifth Chadian city
  7. Chadian Petroleum: 90% of the Chadian exports
  8. Main Chadian products: cotton, groundnut and cattle.
  9. Chad share borders with Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Libya (1,055 kilometres), Niger, Nigeria (Diffa, Maiduguri) and Sudan (1,360 kilometres)

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Business in Chad, N'Djamena. Chadian Economy and Foreign Trade. African oil exporter

  1. Chad obtained its Independence from France in 1960
  2. Chadian Calling code: 235
  3. Chadian Code top-level domain: .td
  4. Currency of Chad: CFA Franc (XAF)

Business in Chad (Foreign Trade)

Religions in the Republic of Chad

  1. Sunni Islam (44%)
  2. Christianity (33%)
  3. Tensions between Muslims (North) and Christians (South)
  4. African Traditional Religions (23%)

Chadian population: 12.4 million inhabitants

  1. 1950: 2.6 million
  2. 2000: 7.9 million
  1. Chadian Population density: 10 inhabitants/km²
  2. Polygamy is a common practice in Chad (39% of the Chadian women)
  3. Area of Chad: 1,267,000 km² (the fifth largest African Country)
  4. Climate of Chad: Desert

Foreign Trade in Chad

The 23 regions of Chad are (in brackets: capital/departments):

  1. Batha (Ati)
    1. Batha East, Batha West, Fitri
  2. Chari-Baguirmi (Massenya)
    1. Baguirmi, Chari, Loug Chari
  3. Hadjer-Lamis (Massakory)
    1. Dababa, Dagana, Haraze Al Biar
  4. Wadi Fira (Biltine)
    1. Biltine, Dar Tama, Iriba, Mégri
  5. Barh El Gazel (Moussoro)
    1. Barh El Gazel North, Barh El Gazel South, Barh El Gazel West
  6. Borkou (Faya-Largeau)
    1. Borkou, Borkou Yala
  7. Ennedi East (Amdjarass)
    1. Amdjarass, Wadi Hawar
  8. Ennedi West (Fada)
    1. Fada, Mourtcha
  9. Guéra (Mongo)
    1. Barh Signaka, Guéra, Abtouyour, Mangalmé
  10. Kanem (Mao)
    1. North Kanem, Kanem, Wadi Bissam
  11. Lake (Bol)
    1. Fouli, Kaya, Mamdi, Wayi
  12. West Logone (Moundou)
    1. Dodjé, Lake Wey, Ngourkosso, Guéni
  13. Logone Eastern (Doba)
    1. Nya Pendé, Pendé, Mountains of Lam, Nya, Kouh-East, Kouh-West
  14. Mandoul (Koumra)
    1. Barh Sara, Mandoul Western, Mandoul Eastern
  15. Mayo-Kebbi East (Bongor)
    1. Mayo-Boneye, Kabbia, Mont d'Illi, Mayo-Lémié
  16. Mayo-Kebbi West (Pala)
    1. Lake Léré, Mayo-Dallah, Mayo-Binder
  17. Middle Chari (Sarh)
    1. Barh Kôh, Great Sido, Lake Iro
  18. Ouaddaï (Abéché)
    1. Abdi, Assoungha, Ouara
  19. Salamat (Am Timan)
    1. Aboudeïa, Barh Azoum, Haraze-Mangueigne
  20. Sila (Goz Beïda)
    1. Kimiti, Djourouf Al Ahmar
  21. Tandjilé (Laï)
    1. Tandjilé East, Tandjilé West, Tandjilé Centre
  22. Tibesti (Bardaï)
    1. Tibesti East, Tibesti West
  23. City of N'Djamena (N'Djamena)
    1. 10 districts

Regions of Chad (Source: Jaldouseri)

Largest Chadian cities (region/population in thousands of people)

  1. N'Djamena (Chari-Baguirmi/1,000) - political capital
  2. Moundou (West Logone/135) - economic capital
  3. Sarh (Middle Chari/102)
  4. Abéché (Ouaddaï/74)
  5. Kélo (Tandjilé/42)
  6. Koumra (Mandoul/36)
  7. Pala (Mayo-Kebbi West/35)
  8. Am Timan (Salamat/28)
  9. Bongor (Mayo-Kebbi East/27)
  10. Mongo (Guéra/27)

Chad has three geographical regions:

  1. North of Chad: the Sahara (dessert)
  2. Sahel, Centre of Chad. Lake Chad and N'Djamena
  3. Savanna in the South

Trade Organisations (Chad)

  1. Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC)
  2. Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS)
  3. OHADA
  4. Community of Sahel-Saharan States (CEN-SAD)
  5. G5 Sahel
  6. Niger Basin Authority
  7. Bank of Central African States (BEA)

Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC, Cameroon, Congo, Chad...)

Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) Angola, Rwanda, Burundi, Central African, Gabon, Congo...

  1. African Union
  3. Economic Commission for Africa
  4. African Development Bank

Transport and Logistics in Chad

Chad is a link between Sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa.

Chad is a landlocked country.

  1. Port of Douala (Cameroon, at 1,060 kilometres) is the most important port for the Chadian exports (85% of the Chadian International Trade)
  2. Port of Pointe-Noire (Congo, Railway and waterway)
  3. Port of Cotonou (Benin)

Port of Douala (Cameroon). Access to the Central African Republic and Chad

African Transport Corridors:

  1. Dakar-N'Djamena corridor
  2. N'Djamena-Djibouti Road
  3. Tripoli-Windhoek corridor
  4. Algiers-Lagos Corridor

Road to Nigeria (Kano)

Djibouti-N’Djamena Corridor: Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Djibouti, and Chad

Paved road: Ngaoundéré (Cameroon)-Chad

In Chad, there are a railway linking to Libya and Sudan.

Chad and the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation have agreed a 7 billion dollar contract for the construction of a railway infrastructure in Chad.

Main Chadian ethnicities:

  1. Sara: 27%
  2. Arabs: 12%
  3. Mayo-Kebbi: 11%
  4. Kanem-Bornou: 9%
  5. Zaghawa: 8%
  6. Ouaddai: 8%
  7. Hadjarai: 6%
  8. Tandjile: 6%
  9. Gorane: 6%
  10. Fitri-Batha: 6%

Kanuri (4 million) are the main ethnic group of the Lake Chad

Languages of Chad

Official languages of Chad:

  1. French
    1. Less than 0.1% of the Chadian population speaks French as their mother tongue
    2. French is the language of the Chadian administration, education and business
  2. Arabic (Arabic Chadian)
    1. 50% of the Chadian population
    2. Arabic Chadian is a lingua franca in Chad
  3. More than 144 Chadian languages

Ngambay (1 million) is the main language of Southern Chad

History of Chad

The partial skull of Sahelanthropus or «Toumaï» is in the National Museum of Chad. This skull was discovered in the northern area of Chad and is considered one of the oldest human ancestors.

In the seventh millennium BC, the ecological conditions in the northern half of the Chadian territory favoured settlement, and the region experienced a sharp increase in population. Some of the most important African archaeological sites are in Chad, mainly in the Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti region; date before 2000 BC.

  1. Chad has played a key role in the Trans-Saharan and Slave Trade
  2. Kingdom of Kanem
    1. Foundation of the Kingdom of Kanem Magui: 8th century, in northern Chad
    2. Dynasty: Teda
    3. Capital: Njimi
  3. 13th century: maximum territorial expansion of Kanem
  4. 1395: foundation of the Kingdom of Bornou
  5. 16th century: Bornou conquers the Kanem. Creation of Kanem-Bornou
  6. 1900: Battle of Kousséri: the Kingdom of Bornou integrated in the French Colonial Empire
  7. 1920: French Equatorial Africa
  8. 1960: independence (France)
  9. 2003: Darfur conflict. 300,000 dead
  10. 2008: Chadian civil war
  11. 2009: Peace Agreements

Higher Education in Chad

LMD System (Bachelor of Science-Master-Doctorate)- Chadian Ministry of Higher Education

  1. University of N'Djamena
  2. University Adam Barka of Abéché
  3. University of Moundou
  4. University of Sarh
  5. University of Doba
  6. University Emi Koussi (UNEK)
  7. University of Science and Technology of Ati
  8. High School of Exact and Applied Sciences of Bongor
  9. National School of Administration and Magistracy (N'Djamena)
  10. Higher Institute of Educational Sciences (ISSED)
  11. University Polytechnic Institute of Mongo
  12. University Institute of Science and Techniques of Abéché

Chad is a member of:

  1. African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education (CAMES)
  2. Francophone University Agency (AUF)

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