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Port of Cabinda (Angola, Tchowa), Bele River, MOanda. Oil. Foreign Trade and Business

Cabinda is the capital of the Cabinda province of Angola (Central Africa)

  1. Population of Cabinda: 600,000 inhabitants (Cabindenses, Cabindas, Fiotes)
  2. Main natural resources of Cabinda are oil and wood.
  3. The Port of Cabinda is one of the largest oil ports of Angola
  4. Offshore oil reserves
  5. The crude oil extracted in Cabinda represents 70% of the crude oil exported by Angola
  6. The main minerals are manganese, titanium, potassium, gold, uranium and phosphates
  7. Cabinda is 56 kilometres north of Moanda (DR Congo)
  8. Cabinda is 137 kilometres south of Pointe-Noire (Port) and 50 kilometres from Dolisie (Republic of the Congo)

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Angola from Cabinda (Business)

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Foreign Trade and Business in Cabinda Angola

  1. Cabinda = Tchowa or Tchiowa
  2. Cabinda is on the Atlantic Ocean coast (South of Cabinda province), on the right bank of the Bele River.
  3. Cabinda is 70 kilometres north of the Congo River Estuary
  4. Area of Cabinda: 1.823 km²
  5. The main language in Cabinda is Portuguese and Cabinda language (Ibinda, is a Bantu language, a dialect of Kikongo)
  6. The main religion in Cabinda is Christianity
  7. Climate of Cabinda: tropical
  8. 1883: foundation of Cabinda (Portugal) by the Portuguese as a port territory for the Slave Trade.
  9. Cabinda Museum
  10. Secessionist movement to create the Republic of Cabinda

The three communes of Cabinda municipality are:

  1. Cabinda (89% of the population)
  2. Malembo (3,1%)
  3. Tando-Zinze (8,3%)


Cabinda province (Angola)

Cabinda is the northernmost province of the 18 provinces of the Republic of Angola, an enclave bounded on the north by the Republic of the Congo (east and south), the DR Congo and the Atlantic Ocean.

  1. Capital: Cabinda
  2. Population of Cabinda province: 716,000 inhabitants
  3. Area of Cabinda province: 7,283 km²
  4. The municipalities are Cabinda, Cacongo, Buco-Zau and Belize
  5. The predominant ethnic groups are Bantu
  6. Climate of Cabinda: tropical wet

Transport and Logistics in Cabinda - Angola

  1. Port of Cabinda
  2. Cabinda Airport

Port of Lobito, Angola. Benguela Railway. Access to DR Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Higher Education in Cabinda (Angola)

  1. November 11th University (Cabinda)

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