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Business in Franceville, Gabon

Trade and Business in Franceville (Upper Ogooué, Mpassa, Upper Ogooué, the Gabonese Republic

Franceville is the capital of the Upper Ogooué province (Haut-Ogooué in French) of Gabon (Central Africa)

  1. Population of Franceville: 111,000 inhabitants (the third largest city of Gabon)
    1. 1992: 31,000
  2. Important mineral resources
  3. Franceville has a cement factory
  4. A hydroelectric power station (Poubara waterfall)
  5. Franceville is on the Mpassa river
  6. Distance from Moanda to Franceville: 31 kilometres

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Gabon: road Libreville-Franceville

  1. Climate of Franceville: tempered
  2. Main ethnicities of Franceville are Obambas and Batéké
  3. The indigenous ethnic groups are Pygmy, Bakaningui, Ndoumou and Mbaghouin
  4. Main religion in Franceville is Christianity
  5. Gabonese Province: Upper Ogooué (capital)
  6. Gabonese Department: Mpassa
  7. 1880: foundation of Franceville
  8. Old name of Franceville: Masuku

Transport and Logistics in Franceville (Gabon)

  1. Franceville-Libreville Railway (Trans-Gabonese, 669 kilometres)
  2. National Road N3: Libreville-Franceville
  3. Distance from Franceville to Libreville (National Road 3): 735 kilometres (12 hours)

Ports of Gabon

  1. Franceville - Port-Gentilneither road available: three hours by Air
  2. International Airport M’Vengue the Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba

Upper Ogooué Province (North-West of Gabon)

The capital of the Gabonese Upper Ogooué province is Franceville

  1. Population of the Upper Ogooué province: 251,000 inhabitants (the second Gabonese most populated province)
  2. Area of the Upper Ogooué province: 36.547 km²
  3. Contiguous Provinces: Ogooué-Ivindo and Ogooué-Lolo
  4. The main mineral resources are manganese, gold and uranium (Oklo uranium mine)
  5. Ogooué river (source in the Republic of the Congo): Ogooué-Lolo, Ogooué-Ivindo, Moyen-Ogooué and Ogooué-Maritim

Foreign Trade and Business in Gabon

Departments of the Upper Ogooué province:

  1. Djoue (Onga)
  2. Djououri-Aguilli (Bongoville)
  3. Lekoni-Lekori (Akieni)
  4. Lekoko (Bakoumba)
  5. Lemboumbi-Leyou (Moanda)
  6. Mpassa (Franceville)
  7. Plateau (Lewithi)
  8. Sebe-Brikolo (Okondja)

Border of the Gabonese Upper Ogooué province: the Republic of the Congo

  1. Cuvette-West
  2. Upper Ogooué
  3. Cuvette
  4. Niari
  5. Lékoumou
  6. Plateau

Higher Education in Franceville (Gabon)

  1. University of Science of Masuku (USTM)

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