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Transport and Logistics in Angola

Transport and Logistics in Angola (Master in Business in Africa)

Transportation in Angola (Central Africa) includes:

  1. Three Railway networks (2,761 kilometres)
  2. 76,626 kilometres of Roads, of which 19,156 kilometres are paved
  3. 1,295 inland waterways
  4. Eight large seaports
  5. 243 airports (32 asphalted)

The largest ports in Angola are:

Port of Luanda

  1. The largest Angolan port
  2. Access to Zambia (Copper Corridor) and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Katanga, Lubumbashi)

Maritime Transportation Course: Port of Luanda (Angola) Port of Luanda

Port of Lobito

  1. The second largest port of Angola
  2. Access to the Angolan cities of Benguela, Huambo, Lubango, Silva Porto, Camacupa, Menonge, Cuvelai, Namacunde, Lubango and Luanda.
  3. Access to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zimbabwe and Zambia
  4. Benguela Railway (Atlantic Ocean - Indian Ocean)

Port of Lobito, Angola. Benguela Railway. Access to DR Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe. Maritime Transport Course Port of Lobito

Others ports:

  1. Angola: Benguela, Namibe and Cabinda
  2. The Congolese port of Pointe-Noire
  3. Southern Angolan provinces (Lubango, Santa Clara): Port of Walvis Bay (Namibia)

Namibian Ports, Walvis Bay, Lüderitz. Gateway to Angola, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe (Maritime Transportation Course)

Angolan Rail system.

  1. Luanda Railway (CFL) (North)
  2. Benguela Railway (CFB) (Central), is the most important
  3. Moçâmedes Railway (CFM) (South)

Benguela Railway (Caminho de Ferro de Benguela).

Foreign Trade and Business in Kuito Angola (Master, Doctorate)

  1. Links to the Port of Lobito at the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Luau)
  2. Links with the Katanga Railway (access to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia)
  3. Access to the main cities of the region:
    1. Democratic Republic of the Congo: Lubumbashi and Ndola
    2. Angola: Benguela, Cubal, Huambo, Kuito, Munhango, Luena and Luau

Foreign Trade and Business in Beguela Angola (Master, Doctorate)

African Transport Corridors:

Lobito Corridor (Angola)

  1. The countries of the Lobito Corridor are Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Katanga) and Zambia
  2. Benguela Railway

Lobito Corridor Africa

Beira-Lobito Corridor(3,523 kilometres, Trans-African highway 9)

  1. Angola (1,157 kilometres): Dilolo, Luena, Kuito, Cachiungo, Alto Hama, Lobito
  2. Mozambique (282 kilometres)
  3. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (823 kilometres)
  4. Zimbabwe (655 kilometres)
  5. Zambia (606 kilometres)

Beira-Lobito Corridor

In Alto Hama (Angola) links with the Tripoli - Angola - Windhoek corridor(Namibia

  1. The countries of the corridor are Angola (2.001 kilometres), Cameroon, Libya, Namibia, the Central African Republic, the Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Chad

Tripoli-Windhoek Corridor (Trans-African highway)

Four of February Airport

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Business in Angola, Port of Luanda. Diamonds, Isabel do Santos (Foreign Trade) Angola

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