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Transport and Logistics in Algeria

Road East-West (Algeria, Foreign Trade) Port of Algiers. Corridor

Logistics in Algeria (Maghreb)

Algeria Logistics

Maritime transport in Algeria

The largest Algerian ports are Algiers, Annaba, Oran, Beni Saf, Cherchell, Dellys, Djen Djen, Ghazaouet, Mostaganem, Skikda and Tenes.

Port of Algiers and Port of Oran

Port of Algiers:

  1. Port of Algiers is the largest commercial port of Algeria
    1. 33% of the Algerian International Trade
  2. Access to the Algerian regions: centre, centre-east and centre-west
  3. The main cities near the port of Algiers are Chief, Blida, Tiaret, Ain Oussera, Tizi Ouzou, Bou Saada, Ouargla, M'Sila, Bordj Bou Arreidj, Ghardaia, Djelfa and Hassi Messaoud.

Ports of Algeria

Port of Oran:

  1. Access to the Railways:
    1. Oran - Tlélat
    2. Oran - Algiers
    3. Oran - Béchar

Port of Oran (Algeria)

Algerian Roads:

  1. Roads: 180,000 kilometres (85% are paved)

East-West Road.

  1. It is the most important in Algeria (1,155 kilometres): east (Annaba) -west (Tlemcen)
  2. Ain El Assel (border with Tunisia) in Zouj Beghal (border with Morocco)
  3. Cities: Constantine, Sétif, Algiers, Blida, Chlef, Sidi Bel Abbes and Tlemcen.

High Plateaus Road

  1. 1,020 kilometres, under construction
  2. Parallel to the East-West Road
  3. Cities: Tlemcen (border with Morocco), Saida, Tiaret, Médée, M'sila, Batna, Oum El Bouaghi, Khenchela and Tébessa (border with Tunisia)

Business Wilayas (regions) Algeria

National Route 4. Oran-Zaghloul (35 kilometres)

National Route 5. Dar El Beïda. Ammal (82 kilometres)

National Route 11. Algiers-Cherchell (65 kilometres)

National Route 12. Si Mustapha-Tizi Ouzou (57 kilometres)

Algiers-Lagos Corridor (Trans-Saharan)

  1. The countries of the Algiers-Lagos Corridor are Algeria (2,106 kilometres, 85% paved), Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Chad (area of influence of the corridor) and Tunisia
  2. Algerian cities of the Algiers-Lagos Corridor are Algiers, Ghardaïa, Tamanrasset, In Guezzam and Arlit
  3. Tamanrasset: Route toward Mali (Gao, Bamako) 2,226 kilometres

Algiers-Lagos Corridor: Algeria, Niger, Nigeria, Mali, and Tunisia

Cairo-Dakar Corridor

  1. The countries of the Cairo-Dakar Corridor are Algeria (Norte), Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, the Western Sahara, Senegal and Tunisia

Cairo-Dakar Corridor: Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Western Sahara, and Senegal

Access to the Tripoli-Windhoek Corridor

  1. Link Algeria (Gabès - Hazoua Ghardaïa) - Tunisia (Tunis) (800 kilometres)

Tripoli-Windhoek Corridor: Angola, Chad, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Congo, the DR Congo, Namibia, and Libya

Algerian Railways

  1. 3,973 kilometres
  2. Béchar-Oran railway line (690 kilometres)
  3. Tébessa-Aïn M'Lila railway line (204 kilometres)
  4. Alta Meseta railway line is a new project to build an east-west line
  5. Algeria has rail links with Tunisia via the Ghardimaou-Souk Ahras line
  6. The Algerian railway network is managed by the National Society of Rail Transport (SNTF)


  1. 456 kilometres of crude oil pipeline
  2. 298 kilometres of refined oil pipeline
  3. 2,948 kilometres of gas pipeline.
  4. 4 gas export pipelines, two to Spain (Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline) and Italy (trans-Mediterranean gas pipeline) and two under construction, Medgaz between Oran and Almeria, Spain and GALSI between Annaba and Sardaigne, Italy.

Wilayas (regions) of Algeria - Sahara (source: Open Maps)

  1. Algiers Airport
  2. Es-Senia International Airport
  3. Mohamed Boudiaf International Airport (Constantine)

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  1. Regions (wilayas) of Algeria
  2. Higher Education in Algeria
  3. History of Algeria

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