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Constantine (third Algerian city), El Khroub, Aïn Smara (Business)

Constantine («the city of bridges») is the third largest city of Algeria (Maghreb), after Algiers (capital) and Oran

  1. Population of Constantine: 0,5 million inhabitants
    1. Agglomeration of Constantine (Great Constantine): 0.9 million inhabitants
    2. The agglomerations of Constantine are El Khroub, Hamma Bouziane, Nueva city of Ali Mendjeli, Aïn Smara, Zighoud Youcef, Aïn Abid, Zouaghi, Ibn Ziad, Ibn Badis and Ouled Rahmoune
  2. Constantine is an important economic centre of the Algerian north-western
    1. The city of Khroub is an important Road Transport Hub with two industrial zones (Oued Hammimine and Tarf)
    2. Industrial area of Aïn Smara City
    3. Sonacome (tractors and cranes factory)
  3. Significant production and trade of cereals
  4. Constantine was named as the Arab Capital of Culture in 2015.

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Business Wilayas (regions) Algeria

  1. Climate of Constantine: Mediterranean
  2. Elevation of Constantine: 684 metres
  3. Constantine is in the north-east of Algeria, 80 kilometres from the Mediterranean coast, on the Rhumel banks.
  4. Wilaya (region of Algeria): Constantine
    1. The capital of Constantine wilaya is Constantine
  5. Algerian District: Constantine
  6. Constantine means:
    1. قسنطينة in Arabic
    2. ⵇⵙⴻⵏⵟⵉⵏ in Tifinagh
Transport and Logistics en Constantine - Algeria
Algeria Logistics
  1. Mohamed Boudiaf International Airport
  2. East-West Road
  3. Distances from Constantine to:
    1. Algiers: 431 kilometres
    2. Sétif: 130 kilometres
    3. Batna: 119 kilometres
    4. Tébessa: 198 kilometres
  4. Access to the Cairo-Dakar Corridor

Ports of Algeria

History of Constantine (Algeria)

  1. Cirta National Museum
  2. Ahmed Bey Palace
  3. Ruins of the Roman aqueduct
  4. Constantine is one of the oldest cities in the world
  5. Cirta (Constantine, Emperor Constantine) was the capital of Numidia

Higher Education in Constantine

  1. University Constantine 1 (Public University of Mentouri)
  2. University Constantine 2
  3. University Constantine 3
  4. University Emir Abdelkader

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