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Foreign Trade in N'Djamena (Oil boom), Business in Chad. African Corridors

The city of N'Djamena (N'Djaména, «the place where we rest») is the political, administrative and higher education capital of the Republic of Chad (Central Africa)

  1. Arabic: انجمينا
  2. Population of N'Djamena: 1 million of inhabitants
    1. N'Djamena is the largest Chadian city
  3. N'Djamena is the second Chadian Economic Centre (the first is Moundou)
  4. Main economic activity of N'Djamena: agriculture.
    1. About 80% of the population of N'Djamena works in the agricultural industries, and activities related to livestock.
  5. Oil boom
    1. Djermaya Refinery
    2. Strong demand for skilled workers in N'Djamena to work in the oil and gas industries
  6. N'Djamena has also experienced a significant economic growth due to the crisis or instability in Nigeria, Cameroon and Libya.
  7. Main economic activities: cattle, resources of the Lake Chad and oil fields
  8. Leading industries: meat, fish and cotton processing
  9. N'Djamena has a strategic location in Central Africa, located at the crossroads of the trans-African road network (African Corridors)
  10. In N'Djamena, the Chari River and the Logone River converge
    1. Port on the Chari River
  11. Kousséri (Cameroon) is 10 kilometres from N'Djamena
  12. N'Djamena is considered the third most expensive city in the world
  13. N'Djamena was nominated as the capital of the Islamic culture in 2009

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Business in Chad, N'Djamena. Chadian Economy and Foreign Trade. African oil exporter

  1. N'Djamena has experienced an exceptional population growth
    1. 2009 = 993,000
    2. 2005 = 721,000
    3. 1993 = 530,000
    4. 1940 = 12,000
  2. Foundation of Fort-Lamy (N'Djamena): 1900, by French
  3. Before 1973, N'Djamena was called Fort-Lamy
  4. National Museum of Chad (partial skull of Sahelanthropus)

Foreign Trade and Business in N'Djamena (Foreign Trade)

Main ethnicities in N'Djamena:

  1. Ngambay
  2. Arabs
  3. Ouaddaï
  4. Hadjeray
  5. Hausa

Transport and Logistics in N'Djamena (Chad)

Distance from N'Djamena to:

  1. Lake Chad: 100 kilometres
  2. Moundou: 450 kilometres
  3. Abéché: 749 kilometres
  4. Sarh: 557 kilometres
  5. Kélo: 379 kilometres

Access to the port of Douala (Cameroon, a 1.060 kilometres)

Port of Douala (Cameroon). Access to the Central African Republic and Chad

N'Djamena is connected to Kousseri (Cameroon) by a bridge

In N'Djamena there are no rail links

Transport Corridors:

N'Djamena is the eastern terminus of the Trans-Sahelian Road and is connected to East Africa by the N'Djamena-Djibouti Road (largely unpaved).

The Tripoli-Cape Town (Windhoek) route also passes through N'Djamena, making it a key location in Central Africa on the African road network.

  1. N'Djamena-Djibouti corridor
  2. Dakar-N'Djamena corridor
  3. Algiers-Lagos corridor
  4. Tripoli-Windhoek Corridor

Transafrican road N'Djamena-Djibouti

N'Djamena Hassan Djamous International Airport

Higher Education in N'Djamena (Chad)

  1. University of N'Djamena (French as a learning language)
  2. King Faissal University (Arabic as a learning language)
  3. National School of Administration and Magistracy (Ndjamena)
  4. Higher Institute of Educational Sciences (ISSED)
  5. Economic, accounting, commercial and communication studies of Chad
  6. Evangelical Polytechnic Institute

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