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Business in Sarh, Middle Chari, Chad

Foreign Trade and Business in Sarh (Chad), Barh Kôh. Sugar

Sarh is the third city of the Republic of Chad (Central Africa), after N'Djamena and Moundou

  1. Sarh in Arabic: ساره
  2. Population of Sarh: 113,000 inhabitants
    1. 1993: 76,000 inhabitants
  3. Main economic activities in Sarh: fishing (on the Chari river) and agriculture
  4. Chadian Sugar Company
    1. Creation: 1970
    2. Sugar cane plantations and sugar mill in Banda (25 km from Sarh)
    3. Brand: Princess Tatie.
    4. The main partner is the Company of organisation, management and development of food and agricultural industries (SOMDIAA) (France)
  5. Chadian Textile Company

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Foreign Trade and Business in Sarh (Foreign Trade)

  1. Sarch is on the Chari River (near the border with the Central African Republic)
  2. Sarh is the capital of the Middle Chari Region (Southern Chad, Moyen-Chari in French)
  3. Department: Barh Kôh
  4. Main ethnicities of the Middle Chari Region: Tounia and Sar
  5. Foundation of Fort-Archambault (Sarh): 1899
    1. 1972: renamed to Sarh
  6. Climate of the Middle Chari Region: warm
  7. Sarh National Museum

Transport and Logistics in Sarh (Chad)

Sarh is an important Logistics centre.

Distances from Sarh to:

  1. N'Djamena: 557 kilometres
  2. Mondou: 306 kilometres
  3. Abéché: 804 kilometres
  4. Kélo: 418 kilometres

Access to the port of Douala

Port of Douala (Cameroon). Access to the Central African Republic and Chad

Access to the African Corridors:

  1. N'Djamena-Djibouti
  2. Dakar-N'Djamena
  3. Algiers-Lagos
  4. Tripoli-Windhoek

Road from Damara, Bouca, Batangafo (Central African Republic) to Sarh (Chad).

Sarh Airport

Middle Chari region (Southern Chad)

The capital of the Middle Chari region is Sarh.

  1. Population of the Middle Chari region: 589,000 inhabitants
  2. Main ethnicities: Sara and Tupuri
  3. Main economic activities of the Moyen-Chari region: cotton, sugar cane, cattle raising and fishing.

Departments of the Middle Chari region (capital/subprefecture):

  1. Barh Kôh (Sarh/Sarh, Balimba, Korbol, Koumogo, Moussa Foyo)
  2. Great Sido (Maro/Maro, Danamadji, Djéké Djéké, Sido)
  3. Lake Iro (Kyabé (Kyabé, Alako, Baltoubaye, Bohobé, Boum Kebbir, Dindjebo, Ngondeye, Roro, Singako)

Contiguous regions of the Middle Chari region:

  1. Chari-Baguirmi
  2. Tandjilé
  3. Guéra
  4. Mandoul
  5. Salamat

The Middle Chari region share borders with the Central African Republic:

  1. Ouham
  2. Bamingui-Bangoran

Barh Kôh department (Southern Chad)

The capital of the Barh Kôh department is Sarh

Subprefectures of the Barh Kôh department:

  1. Sarh
  2. Korbol
  3. Koumogo
  4. Moussa Foyo
  5. Balimba

Higher Education in Sarh (Chad)

  1. University of Sarh
  2. Institute of Management Sciences and Applied Economics

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