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Port of Mozambique. Beira corridor (Business, Trade). Sofala

The port city of Beira is the capital of the Sofala province of Mozambique (East Africa)

  1. Population of Beira: 0.4 million inhabitants
  2. Beira is the second largest Mozambican city (after Maputo and Nampula)
  3. Beira has the second largest Mozambican industrial park behind Matola
  4. Main economic activities in Beira: trade and port activities
  5. The Port of Beira is the second Mozambican port (Transport and Logistics in Mozambique)
  6. Beira is 1,190 kilometres north of Maputo, in the middle of the Indian Ocean coast.
  7. Mozambican province: Sofala

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Foreign Trade and Business in Mozambique Mozambique - Beira

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Lobito-Beira Corridor (Trans-African Highway 9)

  1. Beira is located in a marshy area, next to the mouth of the Púnguè river
  2. The municipality of Beira covers an area of 633 km²
  3. Climate of Beira: tropical rainy savannah
  4. Main religion in Beira: Christianity
    1. Archdiocese of Beira
  5. Gorongosa National Park
  6. 19th century: creation of Beira by the Mozambique Company (History of Mozambique)

Foreign Trade and Business in Mozambique (Beira), East Africa

Higher Education in Beira (Mozambique)

  1. Catholic University of Mozambique (UCM)
  2. Zambezi University
  3. Faculty of Law of the University Eduardo Mondlane
  4. Delegation of the Pedagogical University
  5. University Jean Piaget of Mozambique
  6. Adventist University of Mozambique (UAM)
  7. Institute Alberto Chipande of Science and Technologies (ISCTAC)

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