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Professors of EENI Global Business School in Africa

EENI Global Business School and has a sufficient number of professors, which allows it to guarantee a supervision rate in accordance with the standards of the African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education (CAMES).

Salamata Micheline ILBOUDO/DIALLO, Burkina Faso (Professor, EENI Business School) Mouyedi Sylvain Ernest, Congo (Professor, EENI Business School)

All professors have extensive experience in higher education and a solid knowledge of international business, foreign trade and African businesses.

EENI Global Business School is part of the global network of higher education U-EENI. One of the advantages is to be able to share departments and professors. For this reason, the list of professors includes those who are part of the teaching staff of EENI and who also act as EENI.

African professors of EENI Global Business School:

  1. Benin: Lysiane Gnansounou
  2. Burkina Faso: Salamata Micheline ILBOUDO/DIALLO, Emmanuel Nignan, Geneviève Barro, Thierry Somda, Ousséni SO
  3. Cameroon: Prosper Kemayou (Chad), Wilfried Paterson Ngatchou (Spain *)
  4. Chad: Ali Djibrine Souleymane
  5. Guinea-Bissau: Fernandinho Domingos Sanca, Adérito Fernandes
  6. Mauritania: Mohamed Ali Ould Lemrabott
  7. The Republic of the Congo: Mouyedi Sylvain Ernest
  8. Democratic Republic of the Congo: Albert Bialufu Ngandu
  9. Senegal: Aliou Niang
  10. Tunisia: Oussama Bouazizi

European professors of EENI Global Business School:

  1. Spain (*): Susana Fernández, Josep Bertrán i Vall, René De Haro Vioque, Gustavo Baell, Julio Fuster, Pedro Nonell
  2. France: Lise Faski Goin, Jean-Paul Gosse (*)
  3. Other European countries: Fatos Beka (Kosovo, *)

Lise Faski Goin, France (Professor, EENI Business School)

American professors of EENI Global Business School (*):

  1. Argentina: Mabel Turk (*)
  2. Colombia: Henry Acuña Barrantes
  3. Chile: Erik Bruzzone
  4. Cuba: Raquel Paul Caballero
  5. Ecuador: Carlos Efraín Montufar
  6. Venezuela: Carlos C. Contreras Rojas (*)

Henry Acuña Barrantes, Colombia (Professor, EENI Business School)

Asian professors of EENI Global Business School (*):

  1. Malaysia / Yemen: Najib Yahya Abdulalem Hassan
  2. Afghanistan: Asif Soroush

More information: EENI Professors

The teaching staff of EENI Global Business School includes:

  1. Professors-researchers (full professors -reader-, lecturers, associate professors, Research fellow)
  2. Assistant professors (lecturer)
  3. Associate professors
  4. External expert professors
  5. Visiting professors (scholars)
  6. Professors in charge of scientific research. Research fellow
  7. Emeritus professors
  8. Shared Professors with EENI Global Business School

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Principle of Racial Harmony (EENI, Kwegyir Aggrey)

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