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René De Haro Vioque, Spain (Professor)

René De Haro Vioque, Spain (professor at EENI Global Business School)

René De Haro Vioque (Spain) EENI Global Business School Professor

René De Haro Vioque, Spain (Professor, EENI Business School)

Education (René De Haro Vioque):

  1. Master of Science “Management of organisations in knowledge economy”, Open University of Catalonia (Spain). Currently studying.
  2. Master in Administration and Management of SMEs, by Educate platform, March 2015. (792 hours)
  3. Bachelor in Business Administration and Management, Open University of Catalonia (2015).

Courses (René De Haro Vioque):

  1. University Marketing Course for SMEs. Certified and accredited by the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid (July 2015).
  2. Course “Basic course in Prevention of Occupational Risks”. Edúcate, August 2016. 60 hours.
  3. Course “INTEGRATION AND ORIENTATION FOR WORK IN BANK OFFICES”. Randstad - BBVA, November 2015 (8 hours).
  4. Online seminar course “Introduction to Data Wise: A Collaborative Process to Improve Learning & Teaching”. Harvard University - EDX, May 2015 (30 hours).
  5. Title of Trainer of Trainers, obtained by Aulafácil, in June 2014. (75 h.)
  6. Coaching course and strategic professional development. MSH Training, June 2014 (20 h)
  7. Expert title in calculation of salary management and social insurance. Prometeo Barcelona FiC Centre, 2011 (200h)
  8. Higher Technical Degree in Management of PYMES.EuroInnova. 2010 (300h)
  9. Degree in Accounting Technician. EuroInnova, 2010. (300h)
  10. Computer Technician Diploma ENTEC Barcelona, ​​2002. (20 h)
  11. Diploma of Hardware Technician. Proyecta Barcelona, ​​2002 (20 h)

Experience in Education (René De Haro Vioque):

State official trainer, approved by the Public Employment Service of the State, Diputación Foral de Álava and Lanbide (Basque Employment Service). Currently with more than 4,000 hours of experience of classes taught. I have experience as a university professor.

At the university level, I have given private lessons on Accounting, Financial Analysis, Marketing, Purchasing, logistics, Business Plans, Organization of Companies, Labour Economics and Budgetary Management.

Regarding the field as a trainer, I have participated in Training Programs such as the Integra Program, where class hours are combined with the realization of real projects for real companies. In this type of programs, in addition to teaching, I have been responsible for the following actions within the training program:

  1. Identification of needs and demands of the companies and definition of the profiles of the students.
  2. Professor briefing with companies. Completion of job profile files.
  3. Visits to companies and knowledge of their needs for a better adaptation of the project.
  4. Drafting and development of the project by the students, supervised by the professor.
  5. Project delivery supervised by the professor.
  6. Supervision of the presentation, delivery and defense of the projects carried out by the students.
  7. Implementation of the projects chosen in the assigned companies.

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