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Adérito Wilson Fernandes, Guinea-Bissau (Professor)

Adérito Wilson Fernandes, Guinea-Bissau (professor at EENI Global Business School)

Adérito Wilson Fernandes, EENI Global Business School Professor from Guinea-Bissau (West Africa)

Adérito Wilson Fernandes, Guinea-Bissau (Professor, EENI Business School)

Education (Adérito Wilson Fernandes):

  1. Master in Tourism and Hotel management.
    1. Higher School of Marketing (ESMA). Barcelona (Spain). 2006.
  2. Master in Strategic Marketing.
    1. University of Cuba. 2003.
  3. Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance. BAC+5.
    1. University of Cuba. 2002

Continuing education (Adérito Wilson Fernandes):

  1. Training in Educational Didactics by the Teaching Institute of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU). Guinea-Bissau. 2016
  2. Courses: payroll, employment contracts and social security. Institute for the Development of Training and Employment (IDFO). Barcelona, Spain). 2014
  3. Seminar on volunteering in Spain. Barcelona, Spain. 2012
  4. Conference on the digitisation of small and medium enterprises. Barcelona, Spain. 2012
  5. Action conference. Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona. 2012
  6. Seminar on social innovation. ESADE Barcelona. 2012
  7. Seminar on international social responsibility. Barcelona. 2012
  8. CIDEC tax course. European Social Fund. Portugal. 2004

Experience (Adérito Wilson Fernandes):

  1. Area director (Ministry of Commerce). Guinea-Bissau. Since 2016
  2. Professor of organisation and management of medium and large companies (National Centre for Administrative Training) CENFA. Guinea-Bissau. Since 2015
  3. Professor of Administration at the National School of Administration (ENA). Guinea-Bissau. 2015-2016.
  4. Founder of Euro-Africa Medical Bridge, Guinea-Bissau. 2014-2015.
  5. Customer service. Sphera Global Health Care Company. Barcelona. 2014.
  6. Personal project: innovation in tourism (rural, ecological, sustainable). 2013
  7. Consulting in Corporate Social Responsibility Audit (CSR). Development of a training program for sustainable tourism companies.
  8. Social Innovation Flow. Barcelona. 2012
  9. Founder of the association Gbissau Baix Llobregat. Barcelona. 2011
  10. Insurance agent DKV. Barcelona. 2010
  11. Auxiliary Department of human resources. Aramark Spain. 2006-2007.
  12. Market researcher. Aramark. 2006
  13. Director of Tourism development plan for Guinea-Bissau. 2005
  14. Auxiliary Accountant, Conventual Commerce. Braga (Portugal). 2004

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