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Henry Acuña Barrantes, Colombia (EENI Professor)

Henry Acuña Barrantes, Colombia (professor at EENI Global Business School)

Henry Acuña Barrantes EENI Global Business School Professor (Colombia, Andean countries)

Henry Acuña Barrantes, Colombia (Professor, EENI Business School)

Education (Henry Acuña Barrantes):

  1. Professional Doctorate in Ethics, Religions and International Business.
    1. EENI Global Business School Spain. 2016.
  2. Master in Neuropsychology and Education
    1. International University of La Rioja (Spain). 2016
  3. Management specialist
    1. Military University Nueva Granada (Colombia). (2013)
  4. Professional Master of Science in International Trade
    1. EENI Global Business School. 2007
  5. Bachelor of Science in Economics.
    1. Military University Nueva Granada (Colombia). 2002

Experience (Henry Acuña Barrantes):

  1. EENI Global Business School Professor, Spain. Since 2008.
  2. Director of Extension and Social Projection of the Faculty of Distance Studies. Military University Nueva Granada (Colombia). Since 2016
  3. Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Research and Virtuality Academy of the UMNG 2014-2016 (Colombia).
  4. Coordinator of Masters of Science in management of organisations of the Faculty of Economic Sciences. University of the Andes (Colombia). 2013 - 2014.
  5. Head of the Research Division and Vice Chancellor. University of the Andes (Colombia). 2010 -2012.
  6. Project coordinator. Military University of New Granada. 2005-2009.
  7. Administrative Director. University of the Andes (Colombia)

Experience (Henry Acuña Barrantes)

In the last 16 years, his academic training has focused on SC + T + i research management, project management and logistics, intellectual property and Marketing. Counsellor and professor of chairs in these matters. He belongs, since 2010, to the leadership group of the Military University of New Granada, (classified in A). He is also an evaluator and researcher recognised by Colciencias.

Invited as a speaker at various national and international events, organiser of the first (6) research meetings of the UMNG and 20 years of ACESAD, he has written more than 17 scientific articles in indexed journals.

Member of the work team that created the vice-rector for research, the research fund and the first statute of the science, technology and innovation system (C + T + I) of the Military University of New Granada, where the programs are distinguished; young researchers, scientific research projects, mobility, scientific dissemination, intellectual property; the latter, in 2006, with the need to protect the performance of university researchers, the vice-rector of research, the program creates the intellectual property consultancy Clarke Modet & Cia Colombia, which delegated this company responsibility to initiate works to protect potentially patentable, and therefore in 2011 through resolution 47444 of 2011 UMNG obtained its first patent.


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