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Marua (Maroua in French, Urban community of Marua) is the capital of the Extreme North Region of Cameroon (Central Africa)

  1. Population of Marua: 700,000 inhabitants (the fifth largest Cameroonian city)
  2. Marua is a centre of the Cameroonian cotton industry
  3. Marua is the leader in ginger liqueur production
    1. The inhabitants of Marua believe that ginger is good for sexual health and gives the “power of the lion” to men who drink it.
  4. Important craft activity in Marua
  5. Marua stretches along the banks of the Ferngo and Kaliao rivers, “in the foothills of the Mandara Mountains”
  6. The main religion in Marua is Islam (Sufism)
    1. Great Mosque of Douggoi

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Prosper Kemayou, Chad (Professor, EENI Business School) Prosper Kemayou

  1. Cameroonian Region: North Extreme
  2. Cameroonian Department: Diamaré
  3. Main ethnicities in Marua: Guiziga, Mafa, Moufou, Fula, Toupouri, Kanuri...
  4. Elevation of Marua: 423 metres
  5. Ethnographic Museum of Marua
  6. Waza National Park
  7. Climate of Marua: Sahelian
  8. 2015: Boko Haram terrorist attacks

Wilfried Paterson Ngatchou, Cameroun (Professor, EENI Business School) Paterson Ngatchou (African Academic Coordinator)

Extreme North Region of Cameroon

The capital of the Extreme North Region of Cameroon is Marua

  1. Population of the Extreme North Region of Cameroon: 3.1 million inhabitants (the most populated Cameroonian Region)
  2. Area of the Extreme North Region: 34,246 square kilometres
  3. More than 50 ethnicities live in the Extreme North Region: Shuwa Arabs, Fula (Fulbe, Zumaya, Bororo) and Kapsiki.
  4. The main languages are French and Fula (lingua franca).
  5. The main religion in the North Extreme of Cameroon is Islam
  6. Subsistence agriculture is the main occupation of most residents of the Great North.
  7. The main agricultural products are cassava, cereals, corn, peanuts, rice, millet, sorghum, beans
  8. Yagoua Rice Expansion and Modernisation Company (SEMRY)
  9. Cotton production (Diamaré)
  10. Cotton Development Company (SODECOTON): Guider, Mora, Mokolo, Marua, Yagoua and Kaélé. Cottonseed mills in Kaélé and Marua

Borders with:

  1. Nigeria: Borno (Maiduguri), Adamawa and Northern
  2. Chad: Lake, Hadjer-Lamis (N'Djamena), Chari-Baguirmi, Mayo-Kebbi East and Mayo-Kebbi West

Departments of the Extreme North Region of Cameroon (capital):

  1. Diamaré (Marua)
  2. Logone-et-Chari (Kousséri)
  3. Mayo-Danay (Yagoua)
  4. Mayo-Kani (Kaélé)
  5. Mayo-Sava (Mora)
  6. Mayo-Tsanaga (Mokolo)

Diamaré Department (Cameroon)

  1. Diamaré department is in the Extreme North Region of Cameroon.
  2. The capital of Diamaré department is Marua
  3. Population of Diamaré department: 0.6 million inhabitants

Transport and Logistics in Marua (Cameroon)

Marua International Airport

Three main roads connect with the Great North.

  1. National Road 1 enters the province from the south through Yaoundé and Maltam. Continue north and east through Mora and Kousseri, then turn north-west to Nigeria. Paved road at the north of Kousséri.
  2. National Road 12 allows circulation between Marua and Yagoua.
  3. National Road 14 between Mora to the West and Nigeria via Kerawa. Asphalted sections between Marua and Kousséri, Marua and Mokolo, and Marua in the south to Garoua.

Distances from Marua to:

Port of Douala (Cameroon). Access to the Central African Republic and Chad (Maritime Transport Course)

  1. Douala: 1,404 kilometres (24 hours)
  2. Yaoundé: 1,330 kilometres (20 hours)
  3. Bamenda: 1,118 kilometres (20 hours)
  4. Garoua: 208 kilometres (3 hours)
  5. Bafoussam: 1,074 kilometres (19,30 hours)
  6. Ngaoundéré: 482 kilometres (8,30 hours)

Higher Education in Marua (Cameroon)

  1. University of Marua

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