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Foreign Trade and Business in Bafoussam, Mifi (Cameroon, Central Africa)

  1. Bafoussam (Urban community of Bafoussam, Bamileke Country) is the capital of the West Region of Cameroon (Central Africa)
    1. Bafoussam I (Bafoussam)
    2. Bafoussam II (Baleng)
    3. Bafoussam III (Bamougoum)
  2. Population of Bafoussam: 348,000 inhabitants (the sixth largest Cameroonian city)
  3. Bafoussam is the commercial centre of the Cameroonian Western Region
  4. Main economic activities in Bafoussam: trade and agriculture (coffee, potatoes, corn and beans)
    1. Coffee processing plant
    2. Brewery
  5. The main ethnicities in Bafoussam are Bamileke and Bafoussam (Bamileke ethnic group)

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  1. Villages of Bafoussam: Bamendzi, Banengo, Ndiangdam, Ndiangsouoh, Ndiangbou, Toukouop, Ngoueng and Banengo city B
  2. Cameroonian Region: West (capital)
  3. Cameroonian Department: Mifi (capital)
  4. Elevation of Bafoussam: 1.470 metres (Bamboutos Mountains)
  5. Bafoussam is the centre of the Bamileke country
  6. The main languages are Bafoussam and French
  7. The main religion in Bafoussam is Christianity
    1. Cathedral of Bafoussam
  8. Kingdoms
    1. Kingdom Bamoun
    2. Kingdom Bafoussam (Kingdom Tikar)
    3. Bamileke Kingdoms (His Majesty Njitack Ngompé Pélé)
    4. Palace of Chief Bafoussam

Prosper Kemayou, Chad (Professor, EENI Business School) Prosper Kemayou

West Region of Cameroon

The capital of the West Region (the country of the Bamileke) of Cameroon is Bafoussam

  1. The population of the West Region of Cameroon: 2 million inhabitants (one of the regions more densely populated of Cameroon)
  2. Other cities of the West Region: Bafang, Baham, Bamena, Bangangté, Mbouda, Bandjoun, Dschang, Foumban.
  3. Area of the West Region: 13,892 square kilometres
  4. The main ethnicities of the West Region: Bamileke (Bantu origin) and Bamoun (Tikar subgroup)
    1. Bamileke Population: 3 million
    2. Bamileke are Christians
  5. The West Region of Cameroon is francophone.
  6. The main local languages are Bamenyam, Mbo and Tikar
  7. The West Region is an important economic centre and one of the more developed Cameroonian regions
  8. The main economic activities of the West Region is the Arabica coffee production, cocoa, plantations, and agricultural production (tomatoes, carrots, beans, corn), rice (Development Company of Haut-Nou)
  9. Factories in Bafoussam of beer and coffee
  10. Coffee:
    1. Regions of Bafoussam, Foumbot and Dschang
    2. Union of Arabica Coffee Cooperatives of the West (UCCAO)
  11. Industries of construction materials and pharmaceutical products
  12. Bauxite mines

Contiguous regions: North-West, Adamawa, South-West, West, Centre

Departments of the West Region of Cameroon (capital):

  1. Bamboutos (Mbouda)
  2. Haut-Nkam (Bafang)
  3. Hauts-Plateau (Baham)
  4. Koung-Khi (Bandjoun)
  5. Menoua (Dschang)
  6. Mifi (Bafoussam)
  7. Ndé (Bangangté)
  8. Noun (Foumban)

Mifi Department (Cameroon)

  1. Mifi Department is in the West Region of Cameroon.
  2. The capital of the Mifi Department is Bafoussam
  3. The population of the Mifi Department: 0.3 million inhabitants

Transport and Logistics in Bafoussam (Cameroon)

With a small area and an extensive network of mainly paved Roads, the West is one of the most accessible provinces of Cameroon.

  1. National Road 4 to Yaoundé
  2. National Road 5 from Békoko to Bandjoun
  3. National Road 6 (Transafrican) from Ekok, Mamfe and Bamenda in the province of the North-West to Mbouda and Foumban to Banyo until Adamawa.

Bafoussam is an important link between the cities of Bamenda, Douala, Yaoundé and Foumban.

Distances from Bafoussam to:

Port of Douala (Cameroon). Access to the Central African Republic and Chad (Maritime Transport Course)

  1. Douala: 266 kilometres (5 hours)
  2. Yaoundé: 296 kilometres (4.5 hours)
  3. Bamenda: 77 kilometres (2,30 hours)
  4. Garoua: 868 kilometres (16,30 hours)
  5. Marua: 1,074 kilometres (19,30 hours)

Higher Education in Bafoussam (Cameroon)

  1. Dschang University
  2. Private University of the Mountains (Bangangté)
  3. University Technological Institute of Bandjoun

Wilfried Paterson Ngatchou, Cameroun (Professor, EENI Business School) Paterson Ngatchou (African Academic Coordinator)

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