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Fula: people of West Africa (Doctorate)

40 million Fula (Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Guinea, Niger). Doctorate in African Business

Fula Ethnic group (Fulani, Bororo, Fellata, Peul) lives in the Saharan-Sahelian region (West Africa)

  1. Fula means people in Wolof
  2. Fula is the language of Fula people (Niger-Congo languages)
  3. Estimation of Fula by countries (million people):
    1. Total in West Africa: 40 millions
    2. Burkina Faso (Fulfulde): 1,2
    3. Cameroon: 2,9
    4. Guinea: 4,2
    5. Niger: 1,6
    6. Nigeria (Maiduguri): 16,8
    7. Mali: 2,7
    8. Mauritania: 1,2
    9. Senegal: 3.5
  4. Main Fula ethnicities:
    1. Awlubé
    2. Ganllunkoobé
    3. Hausa:
      1. Nigeria (42 million people, 22% of the population),
      2. Niger (9 million people, 55% of the population)
    4. Lawbé
    5. Subalbé
    6. Sakkébé
    7. Songhai (5.7 million people)
      1. Niger River Valley: Mali, Niger and Benin
      2. Songhai Empire
      3. Ethnicities related to Songhai: Mandinka, Fula, Zarma, Dendi
    8. Toroobé
    9. Yoruba
      1. Nigeria (32 million people)
      2. Benin (1,1 million people)
    10. Waylubé
    11. Wodaabe (2.2 million people in Nigeria)
  5. Fula are mostly Sunni Muslims
  6. Fula (Peul) are governed by a code of particular moral and social rules
  7. The Fula society is the most hierarchical of Africa (caste system)
  8. Fula Empires
    1. Ousmane Dan Fodio (founder of the Sokoto Empire)
    2. Sékou Amadou (founder of the Theocratic Empire Fula of Macina, 19th century)
    3. Muhammad Bello was the Hausa Sultan (Nigeria)
  9. The Malian Ethnologist Amadou Hampâté Bâ (1900- 1991) was Fula
    1. “In Africa, when an old man dies, a library burns” Amadou Hampâté Bâ

Ahmadou Hampaté Bá (Malian Historian Fula)


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