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Doctorates, Masters, Courses and Professional Doctorates in African Business and International Trade

EENI Business School & HA University (Spain) offer the following training programs, all of them focused on African and International Business in distance education (eLearning) or mixed education (blended eLearning):

  1. Professional Masters in Inter-African and International Business
  2. Professional Doctorates in International Business
  3. Continuing Education Programs (Course, diplomas...)
  1. Control of Knowledge of Masters
  2. More information about Courses, Masters and Doctorates in African and International Business

African Student, Master in International Business

languages: Study Master Business in English Masters, doctorates (or Study Master Business in Spanish Masters y Doctorados Study Master Business in French Masters, doctorats Study Master International Trade in Portuguese Mestrados e Doutoramentos )

The structure of masters and doctorates are common throughout French-speaking Africa (LMD system) and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). Due to the particularities of legislations systems of higher education in the world, the EENI Business School & HA University applies a strategy of adaptation of the training programs to the legislation of each country.

Bachelor of Science and Masters U-EENI University

The University favours the creation of shared value student-university in Masters of Science and Courses.

Online Master in International Business in Burkina Faso

Study a Master International Business in Spanish master, doctorado French (Master International Business) Masters et doctorats Study, Master, Business, Portuguese mestrados e doutoramentos

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