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Business in Meknes (Morocco)

Foreign Trade in Meknes: one of the most competitive African cities (Morocco)

Meknes is an important economic centre of the region Fez-Meknes, in the north-central region of Morocco (Maghreb)

  1. مكناس in Arabic
  2. ⴰⵎⴽⵏⴰⵙ in Berber
  3. Population of Meknes: 0.9 millions inhabitants
    1. Meknes agglomeration: 1 million inhabitants
    2. Meknes is the sixth Moroccan city by population (the first is Casablanca)
  4. Meknes is one of the three most competitive African cities (World Bank)
  5. Meknes is the Moroccan agrifood capital
    1. International Agriculture Show
    2. The plain of Sais is one of the most fertile and rich plains of Morocco
    3. Main crops in Meknes are: nectarine, plum, potatoes, onion and garlic.
    4. Livestock (sheep, cattle)
    5. Industrial units for dairy production
    6. Important olive oil production
    7. Agropolis industrial and agrifood area
  6. The most important economic activities in Meknes are tourism, agriculture, industry and services
  7. Main industries in Meknes: food processing, textile manufacturing, auto parts production (Yazaki, Delphi, Yura) and chemical industry
  8. Industrial areas in Sidi Bouzkeri, Bassatine and Mejjat

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Moroccan Student from Meknes

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Moroccan Region (Foreign Trade, Business): Fez, Meknes

  1. Meknes is an important tourist centre of Morocco
    1. Meknes is one of the imperial cities of Morocco
    2. Medina of Meknes is a UNESCO world heritage site
  2. Municipalities: Meknes, Al Machouar-Stinia, Ouislane and Toulal
  3. Moroccan region: Fez-Meknes
  4. Prefecture: Meknes
  5. Elevation of Meknes: 552 metres
  6. Climate of Meknes: Mediterranean
  7. 11th century: foundation of Meknes by the Almoravids
  8. 1672-1727: capital of Morocco (Sultan Moulay Ismail, Alaouite Dynasty)

Transport and Logistics in Meknes (Morocco)

Ports of Morocco, Casablanca, Agadir, Tangier, Mohammedia

Access to the Cairo-Dakar Corridor


  1. Fez - Meknes - Kenitra - Rabat - Casablanca
  2. Fez - Meknes - Sidi Kacem - Sidi Slimane - Kenitra - Salé - Rabat - Mohammedia - Marrakesh
  3. Fez - Meknes - Sidi Kacem - Ksar el-Kebir - Tangier - Ksar es-Seghir
  4. Mohammedia - Rabat - Salé - Kenitra - Sidi Slimane - Sidi Kacem - Meknes - Fez - Taza - Guercif - Taourirt - Oujda
  5. Meknes - Sidi Kacem - Sidi Slimane - Kenitra - Salé - Rabat - Mohammedia - Casa Ain-Sebaa - Casablanca

Fez-Saiss Airport

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Higher Education in Meknes - Morocco

  1. University Moulay-Ismail

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