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Business in Fez (Morocco)

Foreign Trade in Fez: religious and cultural capital of Morocco (Business)

Fez is the capital of the Fez-Meknes region, North of Morocco (Maghreb)

  1. فاس in Arabic
  2. ⴼⴰⵙ in Berber
  3. Population of Fez: 1.1 millions inhabitants
    1. Fez is the second Moroccan city by population, after Casablanca
  4. The most important economic activities in Fez are tourism, agriculture and handicraft
  5. Important agri-food industry (Saïs plain)
  6. Fez is the religious and cultural capital of Morocco
  7. Fez is an important tourist centre of Morocco
    1. Fez is one of the ancient imperial cities of Morocco
    2. Medina of Fez is a World Heritage

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Moroccan Student from Fez

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Othman Benjelloun (Fez)

Othman Benjelloun Moroccan entrepreneur

  1. Fez is between the Middle Atlas and Rif Massif
  2. Elevation of Fez: 579 metres
  3. Mediterranean climate
  4. 789: foundation of Fez by Idris I, founder of the Idrisid dynasty.

Foreign Trade and Business in Fez, Meknes

Anas Sefrioui (Fez)

Anas Sefrioui Moroccan Businessman

Transport and Logistics in Fez (Morocco)

Tangier Free Zone

  1. Railways toward Oujda, Tangier and Casablanca
  2. Access to the Cairo-Dakar Corridor
  3. Distances from Fez to:
    1. Tangier: 206 kilometres
    2. Casablanca: 246 kilometres
    3. Rabat: 169 kilometres
    4. Marrakesh: 387 kilometres
  4. Fez-Saïs Airport

Moroccan region: Fez, Meknes

  1. Fez
  2. Meknes
  3. El Hajeb
  4. Ifrane
  5. Moulay Yaâcoub
  6. Sefrou
  7. Boulemane
  8. Taounate
  9. Taza

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Higher Education in Fez - Morocco

  1. Quaraouiyine University
  2. University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah
  3. Private University of Fez
  4. Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez

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