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Foreign Trade in Sousse (third city of Tunisia, Business) Tunisian Sahel, Monastir

Sousse (The pearl of the Tunisian Sahel) is the capital of the Sousse Wilaya in the centre-east of Tunisia (Maghreb)

  1. Sousse in Arabic: سوسة
  2. Population of Sousse: 272,000 inhabitants
    1. Sousse is the third Tunisian city after Tunis and Sfax.
    2. Agglomeration of Sousse: 675,000 inhabitants
  3. Main economic activities of Sousse: Transport, olive oil, textiles and tourism
    1. Olive oil manufacturing plants
    2. Sousse is a major tourist destination
      1. Sandy beaches
      2. Monastir and Port El Kantaoui

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Tunisian Students from Sousse

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Business in Tunisia. Tunisian Economy. Tunisian Foreign Trade. Ports

  1. Tunisian Wilaya (Governorate): Sousse
  2. Sousse is in the Gulf of Hammamet (Mediterranean Sea)
  3. Roman Circus (History of Tunisia)
  4. UNESCO declared the Sousse Medina as a world heritage in 1988
  5. Climate of Sousse: hot and semi-arid

Transport and Logistics in Sousse - Tunisia

  1. Distance from Sousse to Tunis: 140 kilometres
  2. Monastir Habib Bourguiba International Airport
  3. Tunisian ports
  4. Access to Cairo-Dakar Corridor (Sousse, Tunisia)

Cairo-Dakar Corridor (Transafrican Highway)

Higher Education in Sousse- Tunisia

  1. University of Sousse
  2. Private University of Sousse

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