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Business in Sfax, Tunisia

Foreign Trade and Business in Sfax: second Tunisian city, Gabes

The port city of Sfax is the capital of the Sfax Wilaya in southern Tunisia (Maghreb)

  1. Sfax in Arabic: صفاقس
  2. Population of Sfax: 330,000 inhabitants
    1. Sfax is the second Tunisian city
    2. Gran Sfax: 600,000 inhabitants
  3. Main economic activities of Sfax:
    1. Agriculture: olive oil, nuts
    2. Port activities
    3. Fishing: the port of Sfax is the largest fishing Tunisian port
    4. Industry: phosphate transformation, dairy industry
      1. Gafsa phosphate company (fifth world producer)
    5. Trade

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Tunisian Students de Sfax

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Cairo-Dakar Corridor (Transafrican Highway)

  1. Wilaya (Governorate): Sfax (Population: 950,000 inhabitants)
  2. Municipalities of Sfax: Sakiet Eddaïer, Sakiet Ezzit, Chihia, Gremda, El Aïn and Thyna.
  3. Sfax is located in the Gulf of Gabes (Mediterranean Sea).
  4. Archaeological Museum of Sfax
  5. 849: founding of Sfax (History of Tunisia)
  6. Ruins of Taparura (Sfax during the Roman Empire) and Thaenae

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Transport and Logistics in Sfax - Tunisia

  1. Port of Sfax
    1. The port of Sfax is the largest Tunisian commercial port
    2. Fish Export (fresh and frozen) and olive oil
    3. Tunisian ports
  2. Sfax-Gafsa Railway (phosphates and iron ore, Port of Sfax)
  3. Distance from Sfax to Tunis: 270 kilometres
  4. Tunisian Highway 1: Tunisia, Ben Arous, Hammam Lif, Hammamet, Enfida, Sousse, El Jem, Sfax
  5. Thyna International Airport
  6. Access to the Cairo-Dakar Corridor (Sfax, Tunisia)

Higher Education in Sfax- Tunisia

  1. University of Sfax
  2. Higher Institute of Business Administration of Sfax
  3. Higher School of Commerce of Sfax
  4. National School of Engineers of Sfax

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