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Higher Education in Sudan

Universities of Sudan (East Africa, Bachelors, Masters, Doctorates)

Universities in Sudan (East Africa)

Universities in Khartoum

  1. University of Khartoum / Khartoum
  2. University Al-Mughtaribeen / Khartoum
  3. University Al-Neelain / Khartoum
  4. University Al Zaiem Alazhari / Khartoum
  5. Academia of Engineering Sciences / Khartoum
  6. Bayan College of Science and Technology / Khartoum
  7. University Elrazi / Khartoum
  8. University of the Nile Valley / Khartoum
  9. University National Ribat / Khartoum
  10. Future University of Sudan / Khartoum
  11. University of Garden City / Khartoum
  12. International University of Sudan / Khartoum
  13. University of Medical Sciences and Technology / Khartoum
  14. Sudanese University of Sciences and Technologies / Khartoum
  15. Open University of Sudan / Khartoum
  16. International University of Africa / Khartoum
  17. College of Medical Sciences of Khartoum / Khartoum
  18. National College of Khartoum (NCK) / Khartoum

Universities in Port Sudan

  1. Red Sea University / Port Sudan

Universities in Omdurman

  1. University Ahfad of Women / Omdurman
  2. University Karary / Omdurman
  3. University Omdurman Ahlia / Omdurman
  4. Islamic University of Omdurman / Omdurman
  5. University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences / Omdurman
  6. University of Sciences and Technologies - Omdurman / Omdurman

Universities in Bahri

  1. University of Bahri / Bahri
  2. Nile College / Bahri

Universities in the Fasher

  1. University Al Fashir / Al-Fashir

Other Sudanese Universities

  1. University of El-Obeid / El-Obeid
  2. University of the Blue Nile / Ad-Damazeen
  3. University Dalanj / Dalang
  4. University Imam El Mahdi / Kosti
  5. University of Bakht Al-Ruda / Al-Dewaym
  6. University of Dongola / Dongola
  7. University of Al Qadarif / Al Qadarif
  8. University of Gezira / Wad Medani
  9. University of Kassala / Kassala
  10. University of the Kordofan / Al Ubayyid
  11. University of Nyala / Nyala
  12. University of Sennar / Sennar
  13. University of Shendi / Shendi
  14. University of West Kordofan / Al-Foula
  15. University of Zalingei / Zalingei
  16. Wadi Medani College Ahlia / Wad Medani

Wilayas (States) of the Republic of Sudan

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