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International Trade and Business in El-Obeid (Sudan, East Africa, Master)

Study a Doctorate / Master in International Business in El-Obeid (Republic of Sudan).

El-Obeid is the capital of the North Kordofan State in the centre of Sudan (East Africa)

  1. الأبيض‎ in Arabic
  2. Population of El-Obeid: 420,000 inhabitants
    1. El-Obeid is the sixth largest Sudanese city
  3. El-Obeid is an important regional logistics centre (Transport and Logistics in Sudan)
    1. El-Obeid-Khartoum Road (500 kilometres)
    2. Railway terminal
    3. El-Obeid International Airport
  4. El-Obeid is an important commercial centre of Arabic gum.
  5. Oil refinery

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Paterson Ngatchou: EENI African Academic Coordinator
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  1. Main religion in El Obeid: Islam
    1. Queen Our Lady Cathedral of Africa
  2. Elevation of El Obeid 609 metres
  3. Climate of El Obeid: subtropical with little rain
  4. Caravans route from Nigeria to Mecca (pilgrimage)
  5. 1821: foundation of El Obeid by the Pachas (Ottoman Egypt)

Wilaya (State) of Sudan: North Kordofan State

  1. Al Ubayyid is the capital of the North Kordofan State
    1. Population of Al Ubayyid: 418,000 inhabitants
  2. شمال كردفان in Arabic
  3. Population of the North Kordofan State : 2.6 million people
  4. Area of the North Kordofan State : 185,302 square kilometres
  5. Sudanese Region: Kordofan
  6. Largest cities of the North Kordofan State: Al Ubayyid, Al-Nuhud, Er Rahad, Umm Ruwaba, Bara, Gibaish, Sodari, Abu Zabad and Umm Dam

Higher Education in El-Obeid - Sudan

  1. El-Obeid University

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