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Higher Education in South Sudan

Public and private South Sudanese Universities (Bachelors, Masters, Doctorates)

Ministry of Education of South Sudan (East Africa)

South Sudanese public universities

  1. University of Juba,
  2. John Garang University of Science and Technology, Bor
  3. Rumbek University, Rumbek
  4. Upper Nile University, Malakal
  5. University of Bahr El-Ghazal, Wau
  6. North University Bahr El-Ghazal, Aweil

South Sudanese Private Universities

  1. University Kuda, Juba
  2. Christian University of South Sudan, Juba
  3. University St. Mary, Juba
  4. Catholic University of South Sudan, Juba and Wau
  5. University Ebony, Bahr-el-Ghazal, Wau
  6. University Akobo Heritage and Memorial, Akobo
  7. Agricultural and Mechanical University of Yei, Yei

Regions of South Sudan

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South Sudan: Master Doctorate Global Trade South Sudanese Students from South Sudan

  1. Masters: Business in Africa, Transport in Africa, International Business, Foreign Trade
  2. Doctorates: African Business, World Trade, Global Logistics

South Sudanese Students: Masters and Doctorates

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  1. Transport and Logistics in South Sudan
  2. History of South Sudan

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