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Juba is the economic, political and administrative capital of South Sudan (East Africa)

  1. جوب in Arabic
  2. Population of Juba: 300,000 inhabitants
    1. Juba is the largest South Sudanese city
    2. 2005: 163,442 inhabitants
  3. Economic boom in the last five years and since the Independence
  4. The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Kenyan banking conglomerate Commercial Bank of Kenya and three banks of South Sudan (Buffalo Commercial Bank, Ivory Bank and Nile Commercial Bank) are headquartered in Juba
  5. Before the Civil War, Juba was an important logistics centre in South Sudan, with Roads linking with Kenya, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  6. Juba is a river port
  7. Roads and river port are not currently used due to bad state
  8. Juba International Airport
  9. Distance of Juba to the border of Uganda: 110 kilometres

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  1. South Sudanese County: Juba
  2. Juba is on the White Nile (Bahr al Jabal)
  3. Elevation of Juba: 382 metres
  4. 1920: foundation of Juba by the missionaries (History of South Sudan)
    1. 1922-1956: Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
    2. 1956-2011: Sudan
    3. 2011- until today: South Sudan
Online Higher Education in South Sudan

South Sudanese State: Jubek (capital)
  1. Population of the Jubek State: 492 000 inhabitants
  2. Juba is the capital of the Jubek State
  3. Other cities of the Jubek State are Gondokoro, Lado, Mongalla, Rejaf and Rokon
  4. The fourteen counties of the Jubek State are Lodu, Luri, Mangala, Gondokoro, Rejaf, Wonduruba, Lobonok, Bungu, Ganji, Dollo, Rokon, Lyria and Oponi.
  5. Formerly: Central Equatoria

Higher Education in Juba - South Sudan

  1. University of Juba (public)
  2. Kuda University (private)
  3. Christian University of South Sudan (private)
  4. St. Mary University (private)
  5. Catholic University of South Sudan (private)

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