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Prosper Kemayou, Chad (EENI Professor)

Prosper Kemayou, Chad (professor at EENI Global Business School)

Cameroon: Study Master, Doctorate, Business Prosper Kemayou, EENI Global Business School Professor, Cameroon / Chad (Central Africa)

Prosper Kemayou, Chad (Professor, EENI Business School)

Education (Prosper Kemayou):

  1. Doctorate in International Business specialisation Africa. EENI Global Business School, Tarragona (Spain). Since 2016.
  2. Master in International Trade. EENI Global Business School - Spain.
    1. Thesis of the master: «Contribution to the improvement of the internal maritime traffic in the Douala-N'Djamena Corridor». 2012.
  3. Certification in handling dangerous goods and radioactive material by Air. African Institute of the Air Professions, Bamako (Mali). 2008
  4. Bachelor of Science in Spanish: option 2 in English. University of Douala. Cameroon. 1997.

Seminaries (Prosper Kemayou):

  1. World Bank business certificate as consultant for cross-border trade in Chad from 2015 to the present.
  2. Safety training in air transport
  3. Litigation Management of Land Transport (2007)
  4. Training in Commercial Logistics (2007)
  5. How to conquer and retain heterogeneous, demanding and unstable customers through the sales technique and commercial negotiation (2007)
  6. Sales and Commercial Negotiation Techniques (2010)

Experience (Prosper Kemayou):

  1. Manager of commercial development of TRANSIMEX Cameroon S.A. From 2017
  2. Director General TRANSIMEX Chad S.A.- subsidiary of TRANSIMEX Cameroon S.A, logistics and transport. 2012-2017.
  3. Director in the creation of TRANSIMEX Equatorial Guinea S.A. From 2010.
  4. Director of Air Services. TRANSIMEX Cameroon S.A. 2009-2010.
  5. Operational agent export / import. TRANSIMEX Cameroon S.A. 2008-2009.
  6. Professional in practices. TRANSIMEX Cameroon S.A. 2007
  7. Professor and translator French / Spanish. Sports Academy of Kadji Douala. 2002-2006.
  8. French / Spanish professor at the private Nkuimy lay school in Douala. 1998-2001

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More information: Prosper Kemayou, at EENI Training Portal.

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