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History of Mauritania, Berbers

Berber Kingdom of Mauritania, Sanhadja, Mauritanian history

History of Mauritania (Maghreb)

  1. 70,000 years: first inhabitants in Mauritania
  2. Bafour were the first Saharans to abandon nomadism
  3. 3th century: Berbers are implanted in Southern Mauritania
  4. 8th century: Yemeni Arabs arrive
  5. Islamisation of Mauritania (500 years)
  6. 8th-10th centuries: Sanhadja Confederation
  7. 8th-15th centuries: Black Kingdoms of Ghana, Mali and Songhai (Western Sudan)
  8. Slave Trade
  9. 11th-12th centuries: Almoravids Empire and Almohade Empire
  10. 15th - 19th centuries: contacts with the Europeans
  11. French Colonisation of Mauritania
  12. 1904: delimitation of the Mauritanian borders by France and Spain
  13. 1958: foundation of Nouakchott
  14. 1960: Independence (France)
  15. President: Moktar Ould Daddah
  16. Popular Party of Mauritania (PPM)
  17. 1964: One-party authoritarian state in 1964
  18. Sub-Saharan African Immigration (Haalpulaar, Soninké and Wolof) to the Senegal river
  19. Mauritanian Arabisation
  20. Ethnic tensions (slaves)
  21. Construction of the Zuérate railway (iron ore deposits, Logistics in Mauritania)
  22. 1974: Mauritania withdraws from the CFA franc zone, creation of the ouguiya (currency)
  23. 1975: invasion of ancient Spanish Sahara (Western Sahara)
  24. Economic collapse
  25. 1978: coup d'état (Colonel Mustafa Ould Salek)
  26. 1981: Mauritania became the last country in the world to abolish slavery

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