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History of Madagascar (Doctorate)

History of Madagascar (Doctorate in African Business)

88 million years: Madagascar (East Africa) separated from the Indian peninsula

Foundation of the Antakarana, Boina, Menabe and Vezo kingdoms on the west coast of Madagascar, Mahafaly and Antandroy in the south, and Antesaka, Antambahoaka, Antemoro, Antanala and Betsimisaraka on the east coast.

In the inland, creation of the kingdoms of Merina, Betsileo, Bezanozano, Sihanaka, Tsimihety and Bara.

Among the central kingdoms, the most important were the kingdoms of Betsileo (Fandriana, Fisakana, Manandriana, Isandra) to the south, and the Kingdoms of Merina to the north (unified at the beginning of the 19th century by Andrianampoinimerina). His son and successor Radama I opened his country to European influence exercised mainly by the British. From 1817, the central kingdoms Merina, Betsileo, Bezanozano and Sihanaka, unified by Radama I, were known in the outside world as the Kingdom of Madagascar.

  1. Centuries II - V: human arrival to Madagascar
  2. Centuries VI - VII: Bantu migrations from the African continent
  3. 7th - 8th centuries: Indonesian navigators arrive
  4. At the beginning of the Middle Ages: the first Arab merchants arrived
  5. Slave Trade
  6. 17th century: unification under the Kingdom of Imerina (central plateau of Madagascar)
  7. 18th century: French commercial bases
  8. 1540-1897: Kingdom of Merina
  9. 1882-1897: French protectorate
  10. 1895: annexation of Madagascar by France after defeating Queen Ranavalona III.
  11. 1942: occupation by British
  12. 1943: Madagascar returns to Free France
  13. 1958: Madagascar ceases to be a colony and becomes an overseas territory
  14. 1960: Independence (France)
  15. 1958-1975: First Malagasy Republic
  16. Government of Philibert Tsiranana (Social Democratic Party)
  17. 1975: a military coup (Captain Didier Ratsiraka)
  18. 1975-1992: Second Malagasy Republic
  19. 1992: transition government
  20. 1992-2010: Third Republic of Madagascar
  21. 2009: Malagasy political crisis
  22. 2014-present: fourth Malagasy Republic

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