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Benghazi is the largest city of the Cyrenaica region, East of Libya, in the Maghreb (north-west Africa)

  1. بنغازي in Arabic
  2. Population of Benghazi: 0.6 millions inhabitants
    1. Benghazi agglomeration: 1.1 millions inhabitants
    2. Benghazi is the second largest Libyan city after Tripoli
  3. Benghazi is one of the main Libyan economic, logistics and industrial centres
  4. The Libyan Parliament, National Air Company and National Oil Corporation headquarters are in Benghazi
  5. The Oil industry is the pillar of Benghazi's economy
  6. Companies: Al-Brega Oil Marketing and Arabian Gulf Oil Company
  7. Main industries in Benghazi: processed foods (fish and meat), textiles, tanning and construction materials
    1. Cement factory in Al-Hawari
  8. Main crops in Benghazi: cereals, dates and olives
  9. Port of Benghazi
    1. Food products and manufacture imports

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Access to the Benghazi-Windhoek Corridor

Benghazi-Windhoek Corridor (Transafrican Road)


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  1. Tourist potential
    1. Greek ruins of Cyrene
    2. Sahara Desert in Kufra
  2. Benina International Airport
  3. Libyan region: Benghazi (capital)
  4. Benghazi was the provisional capital of the National Transitional Council
  5. 2011: peaceful protests broke out in Benghazi, at the beginning of the Libyan revolution
  6. Main ethnic group of Benghazi: Berbers
  7. The inhabitants of Benghazi are Sunni Muslims
  8. Climate of Benghazi: semi-arid

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Access to the Cairo-Dakar Corridor

Cairo-Dakar Corridor (Transafrican Road)

Higher Education in Benghazi (Libya)

  1. University of Benghazi
  2. International University of Medicine of Libya

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