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Trade and Business in Kara (Togo)

Business in Kara: the Togolese city with the highest proportion of Muslims, Batammariba, Kabyés

Kara is the capital (County capital) of the Kara region (Kabiyé country) of Togo (West Africa)

  1. The population of Kara is 109,000 inhabitants
  2. The main ethnic group: Batammariba and Kabyés
  3. Distances from Kara (Togo) to:
    1. Lomé (Port of Lomé ): 428 kilometres
    2. Sokodé: 108 kilometres
    3. Kpalimé: 358 kilometres
  4. North-South of Togo Road (Togo-Burkina Faso)
  5. Niamtougou International Airport (the second Togolese airport)
  6. Kara has a great tourist potential

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Foreign Trade and Business in Kara (Togo, Foreign Trade)


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Kara region (Togo)

  1. Population of the Kara region (Togo): 829,000 inhabitants
  2. Area: 11,630 km²
  3. Capital of the Kara region: Kara
  4. Kozah Dam

Port of Lome, Togo. Access to Burkina Faso, Niger, and Mali (Maritime Transpor Course)

Prefectures of the Kara region (Togo)

  1. Assoli (Bafilo, 25,000 inhabitants)
  2. Bassar (Bassar, 119,000 inhabitants, Border with Ghana)
  3. Binah (Pagouda)
  4. Dankpen (Guérin-Kouka)
  5. Doufelgou (Niamtougou)
  6. Kéran (Kandé)
  7. Kozah (Kara)

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