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History of Ghana (Doctorate)

History of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah (Doctorate in African Business)

The ancient Empire of Ghana has no relationship, neither geographical nor historical, with the Republic of Ghana (West Africa).

The Ghanaian Historian Albert Adu Boahen Kwadwo died in Accra in 2006.

Albert Adu Boahen Kwadwo (Ghana, Doctorate)

  1. 7th Century: deposits with fossils and iron metallurgy
  2. Virtually no historical information before 1500 on the current Ghana is available
  3. 1471: the Portuguese arrive in Ghana (Gold Coast)
    1. Fortress of Saint-Georges-de-la-Mine (Elimina)
  4. Slave Trade
    1. TCape Coast Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  5. 1637: domination by the Dutch
  6. 1870: control of the Gold Coast by the English. Colonisation.
  7. Gold Coast is divided into:
    1. French Domain: Dahomey (Benin)
    2. German Domain: Togoland
  8. Independence of Ghana: 1957 (from the United Kingdom)
  9. Gold Coast (the first President Kwame Nkrumah changed the name to Ghana)
  10. Gold Coast (Ghana) was the first African colony to obtain its independence (the first was Sudan in 1956)

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