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Business in the Central Plateau (Ziniaré, Burkina Faso)

Foreign Trade and Business in Ziniaré, Oubritenga (Central Plateau)

Business in Ziniaré, Ganzourgou, Kourweogo (Central Plateau, region of Burkina Faso), Masters and Doctorates in Global Business

  1. Region: Central Plateau/Plateau-Central (heart of Burkina Faso, West Africa)
  2. Population of the Central Plateau region of Burkina Faso: 807,000 inhabitants
  3. Area of the Central Plateau region: 8,500 square kilometres (3.10 % of the territory of Burkina Faso)
  4. Contiguous regions: North-Centre, North, Centre-East, West-Centre, Centre, South-Centre, Plateau Central
  5. Main ethnic groups: Mossi, Fula and Bissa
  6. County capital: Ziniaré
    1. The former President of Burkina Faso Blaise Compaoré, was born in Ziniaré on February 3, 1951
  7. Distance to Ouagadougou: 30 kilometres

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Foreign Trade and Business in Burkina Faso (Imports) Burkina Faso (Central Plateau region)

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  1. Masters: Business in Africa, Transport in Africa, Foreign Trade, International Business, Export Back Office
  2. Doctorates: African Business, World Trade, Global Logistics

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Foreign Trade and Business in the Central Plateau (Burkina Faso)


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  1. Provinces of the Central Plateau region of Burkina Faso: 3
    1. Oubritenga
    2. Ganzourgou
    3. Kourweogo
  2. Departments: 23
  3. Communes:
    1. Urban communes: 3
    2. Rural communes: 20
      1. Villages: 530

Regions of Burkina Faso: Boucle du Mouhoun, Cascades, Centre (Ouaga), Centre-East, North-Centre, West-Centre, South-Centre, East, High-Basins, North, Central Plateau, Sahel, South-West

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