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History of Zimbabwe (Doctorate)

History of Zimbabwe (Doctorate in African Business)

The ancestors of San (Bushmen) were the first inhabitants of present Zimbabwe (Southern Africa)

  1. 2000 years: Bantu migrations (farmers)
    1. Matola tradition
  2. 7th century: Bantu ceramics
  3. 13th-17th centuries: Shona language
  4. Kingdom of Mapungubwe (trade in gold, ivory and copper)
  5. 1250 - 1450: Kingdom of Great Zimbabwe
    1. Stone architecture of Mapungubwe (Great Zimbabwe)
  6. 1450 - 1760: Kingdom of Mutapa (Mwenemutapa)
  7. Trade with Arabs and Portuguese
  8. Portuguese aggression (Inland)
  9. Empire of Rozwi (the destroyers)
  10. 1821: revolt of Mzilikazi (Zulu general of Khumalo clan) against king Shaka (Mfecane)
  11. Foundation of the Ndebele clan
  12. Ndebele military system
  13. 1840: foundation of Matabeleland by Mzilikazi (capital: Bulawayo)
  14. 1868: death of Mzilikazi, his son Lobengula succeeded him
  15. 1880: British arrive (British Company, South Africa, Cecil Rhodes)
  16. Colonisation (Cecil Rhodes), British control
  17. 1890: foundation of Harare
  18. 1896 - 1897: Revolts of the Shona (Chimurenga)
  19. 1898: foundation of Southern Rhodesia
  20. 1923: Autonomous British colony of Southern Rhodesia
  21. Consolidation of Rhodesia with Nyasaland (Malawi) in the unfortunate Federation of Rhodesia and Nyassaland dominated by Southern Rhodesia.
  22. 1965: Ian Smith unilaterally declares Independence on November 11
  23. 1970: Creation of the Republic of Rhodesia by the white minority government
  24. Civil war:
    1. ZAPU by Joshua Nkomo
    2. ZANU by Robert Mugabe
  25. 1980: Independence of Zimbabwe. President: Robert Mugabe
  26. 1990: The elections culminated in another crushing victory for Mugabe and his party, which won 117 of the 120 seats in the elections.
  27. Strict government controls in all aspects of the economy

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