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Hargeisa is the capital of the Republic of Somaliland (Somalia, East Africa)

  1. Hargeysa in Somali language
  2. هرجيس in Arabic
  3. The Republic of Somaliland is a self-proclaimed Republic in 1991 but not internationally recognised
  4. Population of Hargeisa: 1,1 million people
    1. Hargeisa is the second largest Somalian city (the first city is Mogadishu and the third is Bosaso)
  5. Main economic activities in Hargeisa: precious stones carving, construction, services and trade.
  6. Hargeisa is the financial centre of Somaliland
  7. Main industries in Hargeisa: precious stones carving, construction companies and food processing
  8. Somaliland Private Sector Partnership Fund (2012)
  9. The Chamber of Commerce of Somaliland is headquartered in Hargeisa
  10. Hargeisa International Airport

Gabiley, the agricultural centre of Somaliland, is near Hargeisa

  1. Main crops in Gabiley: tomatoes and onions
  2. Lemon production in Arabsiyo

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  1. Hargeisa is located in a valley in Galgodon highlands (Ogo) in the Horn of Africa (north-west Somalia)
  2. Hargeisa is located 245 kilometres south-south-east of Djibouti, 130 kilometres from Ethiopia (Dire Dawa) and 80 kilometres east of Djidjiga
  3. Somali Region: Woqooyi Galbeed (Maroodi Jeex)
  4. Isaaq are the main Somali clan of Hargeisa
  5. Climate of Hargeisa: semi-arid
  6. Elevation of Hargeisa: 1,334 meters
  7. 1941: Hargeisa was the capital of the protectorate of the British Somalia.

Higher Education in Hargeisa (Somalia)

  1. University of Hargeisa
  2. Somaliland University of Technology
  3. Gollis University
  4. University of Admas
  5. Mount Kenya University
  6. Frantz Fanon University
  7. Edna Aden University
  8. University of the New Generation
  9. AlpUniversity
  10. Beder International University
  11. Hikma University
  12. Marodi-Jeeh International University
  13. Bubal University
  14. University of the Rift Valley
  15. Hope University
  16. Unity University
  17. Jimma University

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