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Foreign Trade and Business in Bosaso (Boosaaso, Puntland, Somaliam)

Study a Doctorate / Master in International Business in Bosaso (Puntland, Federal Republic of Somalia).

Bosaso is the capital of the Autonomous State of Puntland, or Punt, of Somalia (East Africa)

  1. Boosaaso in Somali language
  2. بوصاصو in Arabic
  3. Population of Bosaso: 165.000 inhabitants
    1. Bosaso is the third largest Somalian city
    2. The first Somalian city is Mogadishu and the second is Hargeisa
  4. Bosaso is the largest commercial centre of the Bari region
  5. Main economic activity in Bosaso: fishing
  6. Maritime Port of Bosaso
    1. Construction: 1980
    2. Cattle exports to the Middle East
    3. Hafun Fishing Company (fishery products export)
  7. North-South Highway (750 kilometres): Bosaso, Galkayo and Garowe
  8. Bender Qassim International Airport
  9. Bosaso is an important higher educational centre of Somalia
  10. Strong economic growth after the Somali civil war
  11. The largest telecommunications operator in north-eastern Somalia, Golis Telecom Somalia, is headquartered in Bosaso
  12. Gas production plant in Bosaso
  13. Bosaso tannery (sheep and goat skins export)

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  1. Bosaso is located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Aden, north-east of Somalia
  2. Somali Region: Bari
  3. District: Bosaso
  4. Closest major cities to Bosaso: Erigavo (212 kilometres), Burao (442 kilometres) and Berbera (465 kilometres)
  5. Main Somali clan: Harti Darod
  6. Climate of Bosaso: hot desert
  7. 14th century: foundation of Bosaso

Higher Education in Bosaso (Somalia)

  1. University of Bosaso
  2. University of East Africa
  3. Pidam University
  4. University of Health Sciences

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