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Mohamed Ali Ould Lemrabott, Mauritania (EENI Professor)

Mohamed Ali Ould Lemrabott, Mauritania (professor at EENI Global Business School)

Mohamed Ali Ould Lemrabott, EENI Global Business School Professor of Mauritania (Maghreb)

Mohamed Ali Ould Lemrabott, Mauritania (Professor, EENI Business School)

Education (Mohamed Ali Ould Lemrabott):

  1. Doctorate in Applied Economics. Preparation of a doctorate in applied economics at the Doctoral School of the University of Grenoble (France).
    1. Topic of the thesis: «Effectiveness of the policies of development aid and integration in international trade: the case of Mauritania».
    2. Pedagogical certificate of completion of the thesis. 1994
  2. DEA (Diplôme d'études approfondies) in applied economics, development option, at the University of Grenoble (France). Second place in the promotion and the first among foreign students.
    1. Subject of the thesis: “Evaluation of the impact of development aid policies”. 1990.
  3. Master in Economic Sciences and Planning at the University of Nouakchott (Mauritania). 1989
  4. Bachelor of Economics at the University of Nouakchott (Mauritania). 1988
  5. Preparation of the math degree at the University of Orleans (France). 1985
  6. Diploma of general university studies (DEUG A) in mathematics at the University of Orleans (France). 1984.
  7. Several advanced training courses at international and national level.

Certificates (Mohamed Ali Ould Lemrabott):

  1. Certificate from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on results-based management for project and program coordinators. 2007
  2. UNDP Certificate of Ethics. 2008
  3. UNDP certificate on security in the field (advanced level) 2006.

Professional Experiencel and research activities (Mohamed Ali Ould Lemrabott):

  1. Consultant and General Director of the Design Office of Nouakchott Consulting Group (studies on economic and social development, capacity development, training, representation, etc.). Since May 2010.
  2. National Administrator of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) as a National Economist and later as a Strategic Advisor to the UNDP Office in Mauritania.
    1. From November 1, 2000 to May 11, 2010. During this period characterised by an accelerated and continuous promotion in terms of responsibilities and rank (the qualification obtained is the highest absolute qualification of UNDP national officers, ICS 11, equivalent to international P5), several strategic challenges were identified and several products with international visibility and emblematic studies were carried out or tested.

Achievements and important activities (Mohamed Ali Ould Lemrabott):

  1. Direct management of programs and projects. 2005-2010.
    1. Responsible for the Foreign Trade Support Program (the so-called Integrated Framework for Trade-related Assistance of the LDCs). This portfolio covered the following projects:
      - Project to support the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Mauritania (CCIAM)
      - Support project for national ownership of the Integrated Framework
      - Project to support the promotion of fishery products
      - Craft Support Project
  2. Program responsible for two challenging projects entrusted to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) (Malaria and Tuberculosis) by the Global Fund for Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM).
    1. The management of this first phase audited by the largest international firms allowed the renewal of the GFATM grant. Subsequent evaluations of this program have highlighted the quality of the management of this first phase in UNDP, considered as a reference period.
  3. Program manager of the Support Project for the Sustainable and Consensual Management of Coastal Resources (oil, gas, fishing). 2004-2005.
  4. Program Manager for the National Property Project of the MDGs (cited as good international practice). 2003-2004.
  5. Program manager of the first humanitarian demining project that led to the effective destruction, in a few months, of anti-personnel mines in the army of Mauritania through the promotion and capacity to promote the archives of Mr. Lemrabott. This result allowed Mauritania to comply with the Ottawa Convention. 2004
  6. Program Manager for the Emergency Assistance Project (locust invasion). 2004
  7. Project manager for the formulation of the sector's strategy. 2001-2003.
  8. Program Manager of the Economic Governance component of the Governance Program supported by UNDP. 2001-2003.
    Responsible for Substance Programs Components of the PRSP, Statistics and Monitoring and Evaluation of the Poverty Alleviation Program supported by UNDP. 2001-2003
  9. Member of several steering committees of programs and projects (regional project of quality assurance in West Africa, UNIDO / European Union, Steering Committee of the Integrated Framework Program for Trade, Steering Committee of the Humanitarian Demining Program, steering committee of the assistance project election presided by one of the sessions in 2007, etc.)
  10. Participation in the design and management of the innovative project of political dialogue between political parties and civil society implemented by UNDP in 2004.
  11. Participation in the preparation and leadership of the Consultative Group for Mauritania, World Bank, Paris, 2001.
    Key participation in the preparation of the Consultative Group for Mauritania, World Bank, Paris, 2007

Specific skills in the formulation of development strategies and policies (and monitoring and evaluation) (Mohamed Ali Ould Lemrabott):

  1. Consultant of the Department of the Treasury (Ministry of Economy and Finance) responsible for the preparation of the projects of the Law of Regulations 2015 and 2014.
  2. Advice and support from a major European company for the prospecting of the local market. 2010-2016.
  3. Advice and support from a major US company for the prospecting of the local market. 2014-2016.
  4. Contribution to the PRSP evaluation process. 2001-2015.
  5. Participation in the process of formulating the national SCAPP strategy. 2016
  6. Trainer in the field of monitoring and evaluation, RBM and project management. 2010-2015.
  7. Author of a breakthrough in international supervision of official development assistance. The discovery was carried out as part of a personal initiative that involved the realization of UNDP an unpublished report in the monitoring of aid to Mauritania since it had an international impact, as it demonstrated that the OECD's ODA acknowledgment for Mauritania it was wrong. The mistake was to count the amount of the fisheries agreement with the European Union as an ODA resource and not as a commercial income. Since this discovery, the anomaly has been corrected for all countries in the world with a fisheries agreement with the EU. 2002-2005.

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