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International Trade and Business in Blantyre: the economic capital of Malawi (Master)

Study in Blantyre (Malawi, East Africa, Master and Doctorate in Global Trade)

Blantyre (Blantire) is the economic, commercial, industrial and financial capital of Malawi (East Africa, Southern Africa)

  1. The political capital of Malawi is Lilongwe
  2. Blantyre is near the border with Mozambique
  3. Population of Blantyre: 1 million inhabitants
    1. Blantyre is the second largest Malawian city
  4. The Malawi Stock Exchange is in Blantyre
  5. Blantyre is a hub for Road, Rail and Air transport.
    1. Links to South Africa, Mozambique (Quelimane, 416 kilometres), Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe
    2. Chileka International Airport
  6. The eight industrial areas of Blantyre are Makata, Ginnery Corner, Maselema, Limbe, Chirimba (heavy industry area), Lunzu Sur, Maone and Chitawira.
  7. Chichiri commercial centre

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Study in Malawi (Master, Doctorate, Business)

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  1. Blantyre is on the Shire River banks
  2. Malawian Region: Southern region
  3. District: Blantyre
  4. Altitude: 1,039 metres
  5. Main religion in Blantyre: Christianity
    1. Archdiocese of Blantyre
  6. Climate: tropical
  7. 1876: foundation of Blantyre

Southern region of Malawi

  1. Capital of the Southern region of Malawi: Blantyre
  2. Population of the Southern region of Malawi: 5.8 million people
  3. Area: 31.753 square kilometres.
  4. Main ethnic group: Chewa
  5. Districts of the Southern region of Malawi: Balaka, Blantyre, Chikhwawa, Chiradzulu, Machinga, Mangochi, Mulanje, Mwanza, Neno, Nsanje, Phalombe, Thyolo and Zomba

Higher Education in Blantyre (Malawi)

  1. University of Malawi
  2. International University of Blantyre

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  1. Mzuzu
  2. History of Malawi
  3. Transport in Malawi

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