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Kumasi (Kumase in Twi, Coumassie in French, the garden city) is the capital of the Ashanti Region of Ghana (West Africa)

  1. Population of Kumasi: 2 million inhabitants (the second largest city of Ghana)
    1. 2000: 1 million inhabitants
  2. Region: Ashanti
  3. Distance from Kumasi to Accra: 255 kilometres (National Road N6)
  4. Access to the Dakar-Lagos Corridor
  5. Accra-Takoradi-Kumasi Railway
  6. Neighbourhood of Kumasi: the largest African car marker and spare parts
  7. Guinness Brewery
  8. Kofi Annan (Nobel Peace Prize, former Secretary-General of the UN) was born in Kumasi in 1938

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Principle of Racial Harmony (EENI, Kwegyir Aggrey) EENI Principle of Racial Harmony (James Emman Kwegyir Aggrey)

Distance from Kumasi to the Port of Tema: 275 kilometres

Maritime Transportation Course: Ports of Ghana


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  1. Main ethnic group of Kumasi: Ashanti
  2. Main Religions in Kumasi:
    1. Christianity (84%)
    2. Islam
    3. African Traditional Religions
  3. District: Metropolitan Assembly of Kumasi
  4. Neolithic remains in Kumasi
  5. Kumasi was the capital of the Ashanti Empire
  6. Foundation of Kumasi 1680 (King Osei Tutu, Ashanti)

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Ashanti region (Ghana)

  1. Area of the Ashanti region: 24,389 km²
  2. Population of the Ashanti region: 3.6 million inhabitants
  3. Important cocoa production
  4. Gold Mines

Higher Education in Kumasi (Ghana)

  1. University of Sciences and Technologies Kwame Nkrumah

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