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Kenyan Universities

Higher Education in Kenya (Courses, Masters, Doctorates)

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Kenya (East Africa).

Public Kenyan Universities

  1. University of Nairobi (Nairobi)
  2. Technical University of Kenya (Nairobi)
  3. Multimedia University of Kenya (Nairobi)
  4. Technical University of Mombasa (Mombasa)
  5. University Moi (Eldoret)
  6. University of Eldoret (Eldoret)
  7. University Egerton (Njoro, Nakuru)
  8. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (Kiambu)
  9. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (Kisumu)
  10. University Kenyatta (Kiambu)
  11. University Maseno (Maseno)
  12. Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (Nyeri)
  13. University Pwani (Kilifi)
  14. University Masinde Muliro of Science and Technology (Kakamega)
  15. University of Laikipia (Laikipia)
  16. University of Chuka (Chuka)
  17. University of Karatina (Karatina)
  18. University Kisii (Kisii)
  19. University Masai Mara (Narok)
  20. University of South-Western Kenya (Kitui)
  21. University of Kabianga (Kericho)
  22. University of Sciences and Technologies Meru (Meru)
  23. University Kirinyaga (Kerugoya)

Kenya (Study Master Business)

Private Universities in Kenya fully accredited by the Higher Education Commission (chartered universities)

  1. University of East Africa, Baraton
  2. Nazarene University of Africa
  3. KAG East University
  4. University Daystar
  5. International University Alliant
  6. Catholic University of East Africa
  7. University Strathmore
  8. University of Kabarak
  9. University of los Great Lakes of Kisumu
  10. Methodist University of Kenya
  11. University St. Paul
  12. University Masai Mara
  13. University Mount Kenya
  14. Africa International University
  15. University KCA
  16. Adventist University of Africa
  17. University Pwani
  18. Cooperative University of Kenya
  19. University of Embu

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