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Kisumu City is an inland port city located on the shores of the Lake Victoria, in western Kenya (East Africa)

  1. Kisumu = place of exchange, in Luo language
  2. Population of Kisumu: 1 million of inhabitants
    1. Kisumu is the third largest Kenyan city (the first is Nairobi, second is Mombasa, fourth is Nakuru and fifth is Eldoret)
    2. Kisumu is the second largest city, after Kampala (Uganda), of the Lake Victoria great basin.
  3. Kisumu is the main commercial centre of Western Kenya.
  4. Main economic activities in Kisumu: trade and agriculture
    1. Excellent fertile lands
    2. Subsistence agriculture and livestock
    3. Sugar factories in Chemelil, Muhoroni, Kibos and Miwani
    4. Corn mill factory
  5. Kisumu is the most important port of the Lake Victoria
  6. Main industries in Kisumu: textiles, molasses, fish processing and agricultural products.
  7. Oil exports
  8. Other cities: Maseno, Kondele and Ahero

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Kenyan Students from Kisumu (Doctorate, Master)

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Nyanza Region of Kenya (Study, Master Foreign Trade, Logistics)


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  1. Climate of Kisumu: tropical rainforest
  2. Elevation of Kisumu: 1,131 meters
  3. Island Ndere National Park
  4. Kisumu Museum
  5. 1901: foundation of Port Florence (Kisumu)

Kenya (Study Master Business Foreign Trade)

Province (County): Kisumu (capital)

  1. Kisumu is the capital of the Kisumu County
  2. Kisumu County is on the shores of the Lake Victoria
  3. Important fishing centre
  4. Kano: rice, sugar cane (Kibos, Miwani and Chemelil), corn, beans, sweet potatoes, fresh vegetables
  5. The Kisumu County is becoming an important tourist destination
  6. Main ethnic group: Luo
  7. Main language is Dholuo; Kiswahili and English are also spoken by the majority of the population

Transport and Logistics in Kenya - Kisumu

Port of Mombasa, Kenya. Gateway to Burundi, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, and Tanzania (Maritime Transport Course)

  1. 1901: foundation of Port of Kisumu
  2. Lake Victoria Ferries: links by Railway in Mwanza and Bukoba in Tanzania and to Entebbe, Port Bell and Jinja in Uganda.
  3. Kenya-Uganda Railway
  4. Highway A104: Kisumu, Nakuru, Nairobi Mombasa
  5. Highway B1: Kisumu, Eldoret
  6. Nairobi-Bondo Road
  7. Kisumu Airport
  8. Asia-Africa Growth Corridor

Higher Education in Kisumu - Kenya

  1. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology
  2. Maseno University
  3. Great Lakes University

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