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Ibadan (Ìbàdàn in Yoruba) is the capital of the Oyo State, in South-West Nigeria (West Africa)

  1. Population of Ibadan: 3,5 million inhabitants (the third Nigerian city by population after Lagos and Kano)
  2. Ibadan is an important trade centre: manioc, cocoa, cotton, wood, rubber and Palm oil
  3. Leading industries in Ibadan: agro-alimentary and food transformation, textile, cosmetic products, tobacco and furniture manufacture
  4. The city of Ibadan is an important Nigerian transport and trade hub with Roads linking Lagos, Ijebu Ode and Shagamu in the South, Abeokuta to the west, Oyo, Ogbomosho, Offa and Ilorin to the North, Ife, Ado Ekiti, Osogbo, Ilesha, Akure, Okene, Auchi and other eastern cities.
  5. Distances from Ibadan to:
    1. Lagos: 128 kilometres (Lagos-Ibadan highway)
    2. Abuja: 530 kilometres
    3. Maiduguri: 1,549 kilometres
  6. Ibadan Airport (daily flights to Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Ilorin)
  7. The Headquarters of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) are in Ibadan

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Mike Adenuga (Nigerian Businessman, Ibadan)

Mike Adenuga Nigerian Businessman (Master Course)


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  1. State: Oyo
  2. Main ethnic group in Ibadan: Yoruba
  3. Main religions in Ibadan:
    1. Sunni Islam
    2. Christianity
    3. Traditional Yoruba Religion
  4. 1750: foundation of Ibadan by Yoruba
  5. 1893: British domination (Niger Delta Protectorate)

Oyo State (Nigeria)

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The capital of the Oyo State (South-West Nigeria) is Ibadan

  1. Population of the Oyo State: 6.6 million inhabitants
  2. Area of the Oyo State: 27,249 square kilometres
  3. The Oyo State is the fourth largest Nigerian economy
  4. Railway connecting with Lagos (Oyo) in Kano
  5. The main cities are Ibadan, Ogbomosho, Oyo, Iseyin, Shaki Igboho, Kisi, Igbo-Ora, Okeho, Lalupon and Ileto.
  6. The Oyo State delimit with: Kwara State, Osun State, Ogun State and Ogun State
  7. Border of the Oyo State with the Republic of Benin.

The Historian J. F. A de Ajayi was born in Ibadan

Jacob Festus Adeniyi Ajayi (Nigerian Historian)

Higher Education in Ibadan (Nigeria)

  1. University of Ibadan, Ibadan
  2. University of Technology Ladoke Akintola, Ogbomoso
  3. Lead City University, Ibadan
  4. Dominican University, Ibadan
  5. University Ajayi Crowther, Oyo
  6. Technical University of Oyo State, Ibadan

Wole Soyinka (Nobel Prize in Literature) was born in Ibadan

Wole Soyinka (Nobel Prize in Literature)

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