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Business in Mek'ele, Tigray (Ethiopia)

Foreign Trade in Mek'ele (Ethiopia), Ayder, Haddinet, Hawelti

Mek'ele (Meqele) is the economic, educational and political centre of the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia (East Africa)

  1. መቐለ in Amharic language
  2. Ethiopian Region: Tigray
    1. Special zone of Mek'ele
  3. The population of Mek'ele: 216,000 inhabitants
  4. Main industries in Mek'ele are Mesfin Industrial Engineering (steel fabrication, automobile assembly) and Messebo Cement Factory (the largest cement production factory in northern Ethiopia).
  5. Mek'ele Industrial Park houses foreign textile companies and employs 20,000 people

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  1. Elevation of Mek’ele: 2.254 metres
  2. Main ethnic group are Tigray (96% of the population)
  3. Main language is Tigrinya
  4. Main religion in Mek'ele is Orthodox Christianity
  5. The sub-cities of Mek'ele are Addi Hak'i, Ayder, Haddinet, Hawelti, Qedamay Weyyane, Kwiha, and Semien
  6. 13th century: foundation of Mek'ele (History of Ethiopia)

Tigray region (ኦሮሚያ, Tigray)

  1. Mek'ele is the capital of the national regional state of Tigray
  2. Population of the Tigray Region: 7 million people
  3. The main ethnicities of the national regional state of Tigray are Tigray, Irob and Kunama
  4. Area of Tigray: 41,409 km²
  5. Contiguous regions: Afar and Amhara
  6. Borders of the Tigray Region with Eritrea and Sudan

Transport and Logistics in Ethiopia

  1. Alula Aba Nega Airport (direct flights to Khartoum, Sudan)
  2. Distances from Mek'ele to:
    1. Addis Ababa: 780 kilometres
    2. Adama: 849 kilometres
    3. Awasa: 1,064 kilometres
    4. Dire Dawa: 933 kilometres
    5. Dessie: 375 kilometres
  3. Roads towards Addis Ababa and Aksoum
  4. Mek'ele is the terminus of the Woldiya-Mek'ele Railway

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Higher Education in Mek'ele - Ethiopia

  1. University of Mek'ele
  2. Institute of Technology of Mek'ele
  3. University Adigrat
  4. Panafrican University, Adwa
  5. Aksum University
  6. University Raya, Maychew

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